Workplace Ethics you must Follow

Workplace ethics

Always remember that your work place is one of the most important places for you. If you wonder why, then you must know that if you do not report it to each day as needed, you’ll soon have no way to pay your bills. Yeah, that’s the sole reason why a lot of people go to work. If that wasn’t the motivation and need of the hour, most of the Monday blues would have disappeared long back. In fact, though your boss will always tell you to get comfortable at your work place, you must remember that there is a fine line which you must not cross at any given point of time. Thus, read ahead now to find about work place ethics that you must always follow without fail.

1) Proper dressing sense :

This is the most important work place ethic that a lot of people tend to overlook just because they are in a hurry in the morning. You must always be formally dressed. If your office has a dress code, you must strictly follow that each day. For women, flashy and dangling jewellery must be avoided. In fact, you must also avoid high heels if you are not comfortable in them since you may need to walk a lot at the office, running from desk to desk and cabin to cabin. For men, it is recommended that you must always keep your shirt tucked in and the tie must definitely go well with the shirt. This is not a fashion parade but it isn’t your living room either.

2) Never say no :

You must remember that your work place is in need of a team if you wish to actually make progress and reach great heights of success. The first rule of being in a team is to share responsibilities. See, there will always be someone who will try to leave work for the last minute and then pile it all up on your shoulders. But, here’s the challenge. You must either try to work harder or simply be diplomatic. But a clear no will only hurt your colleague’s ego and you never know what might be the next rolling stone that will just crush you. Also, remember that you are bound to get brownie points if your boss gets to know that you have been working on behalf of others as well. Remember, no hard work ever goes does the gutter.

3) Clear desk :

Yes, you read that right! A lot of workers often tend to forget that their work desk is truly a reflection of their personality at so many levels. In fact. If your desk is all messy and cluttered, it goes to show that you do not have an organised approach to work. Isn’t that terrible? Also, it totally ruins your image and reputation before your boss. It must always be neat and clean without any marks or scattered files and sheets. Also, the pens and pencils must be stored in a pencil stand.

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