Why You Need to Increase Your Mental Performance

rds3Are you curious about what you have been reading about cognitive enhancers? Do you want to find a way to improve mental performance and focus? There are supplements containing nootropic substances to promote cognitive function and preserve memory. College students, athletes and professionals in the business world are using a nootropic stack for mental performance and increased energy.

Advantages of Supplements for Mental Performance

Good quality supplements can provide a range of advantages, whether you are interested in improving focus for someone with ADHD or preserving memory for older adults. There are products that contain ingredients that have been proven effective for memory, focus, concentration, and energy. Smart Pill Guide offers unbiased reviews of Ciltep and other supplements to help you find a supplement that provides the specific benefits you are seeking.

“Stacking” Nootropics

The term nootropic stack describes the idea that combining nootropic ingredients creates a more dramatic effect for improving memory, focus, and mental performance. Stacking nootropics is the idea of combining two or more nootropics in a “stack” to gain better results. There is some evidence to suggest that certain substances work in combination with each other to achieve different goals, such as improving memory, focus, and energy.

How the Brand was established

The brand began with a conversation online about nootropics and the most effective ingredients in the ideal supplement. In the course of the discussion, several ingredients were suggested until the participants agreed upon a formula. One poster in the discussion went on to develop this supplement, based on the formula.

Ingredients and how they Work

This product is among the best known supplements and used by people of all ages for improved mental performance. The ingredients and amounts in a supplement are a good indication of the quality of the product. This supplement contains vitamin B6, l-phenylalanine, artichoke extract for improved memory and information retention, acetyl l-carnitine for improved neurotransmission, and coleus forskohlii which increases memory and retention with effects that are heightened when taken with artichoke extract.

Because they use a smaller number of ingredients, the formula is potent. This is a mistake commonly made by manufacturers. Trying to stuff 25 or more ingredients will result in very small amounts of each ingredient and a weak supplement. The downside is that this formula misses several well-known ingredients for improved memory and mental energy.

Informative Website 

While many websites for brain supplements contain little more than advertising claims and pressure to buy the product, this brand is not in that category. They have developed a professional website that contains information about the ingredients, how they affect the brain, and some general information about brain function and enhancing memory and cognitive function.


You may find that reading a Ciltep review provides the information you need to make a decision, but select the sources of reviews and testimonials carefully to ensure that you are getting unbiased information. Reviews from users and reviewers have shown mixed results. Some had no noticeable difference in memory and mental function, but others experienced improvements in energy and intense focus.

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