Why are My Bills High?

Everyone worries about getting expensive bills. Some of us have to deal with sky-high bills more than others. Have you ever wondered why that is? Read ahead to find out some of the things that can earn you heftier bills than other people.

You Constantly Browse Online Retail Websites

Are you addicted to online retail shopping? Do you often find yourself browsing retail sites on your smartphone or laptop? If so, you are at risk for impulsive buys. It’s very easy to make purchases using e-stores. Your credit card information is already stored, and a click or a simple tap of a finger is enough to spend $100 on a single purchase. Next thing you know, you have maxed out your credit card.

You can easily stop online impulsive buys by reducing the frequency of visits to e-commerce websites, or stopping such browsing habits altogether. Also, don’t let your smartphone or laptop auto save your credit card information, which is what makes one-click buys possible.

You Never Budget for Anything

Do you spend money on clothes, vacations, and other things as you please? If you spend money freely without a budget, you can easily overspend. You probably won’t realize how much you have overspent until you get massive credit card bills at the end of the month. If you want to control your spending, start budgeting for everything now.

You Want the Luxury Items, Not the Practical Items

It’s not a crime to spoil ourselves once in a while with a luxury purchase or two. However, unless you make six figures each year, it’s probably not a smart idea to buy luxury items every month. Don’t buy super expensive branded shoes if you can get the same shape, size, and design with a generic brand. Don’t be a victim of luxury fashion. Stop spending excessively on luxury goods right away.

You are Spending More on Rent

If you rent, you should not spend more than one-third of your income on rent. Some people might be forced to because of inflated real estate prices. But there are some others who rent places that demand a significant chunk of people’s incomes. For example, if you rent a four-bedroom apartment when you really need only one bedroom, not only will you pay more for rent, but you will also pay higher water and electricity bills.

So, rent only a place that you can easily afford and manage. Spending a lot on rent is simply wasteful. You can save that excess amount of money now and buy yourself a house one day.

You Shop without a List

If you shop without a list, you are putting yourself at risk for impulsive buys. It’s easy to get lost among the aisles at shopping malls and supermarkets. You could end up falling for deals and discounts, and buy more things that you don’t really need. So, shop with a list to control impulse buys at stores. Stick to this list, and never stray.

The above habits can inflate your monthly expenses and credit card bills. So, make up your mind today to control bad spending habits.

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