Viggle App Review: Make Money by Watching TV


Do you–like everyone else– spend 1-2 hours watching TV every day?

Now it is possible to earn a couple of bucks each day just by watching your favorite shows on TV. The price if smartphone data plans are increasing with every passing month and you must find a way to at least take care of it. The cheapest internet data plan in the United States is offered by Verizon($35) and the most popular unlimited plan by T-mobile is $70 per month. Nowhere near what it used to be a few years ago.

About the creator of Viggle

Viggle is the best way to make enough money to pay for your internet data plans. That too, just by doing what you already do. Viggle is an entertainment marketing platform that pays its users for watching TV or streaming content online. It is a New-York-based firm in operation since 2011. DraftDay Fantasy Sports Inc. is its legal name.

How does the Viggle App work?

This app is very straightforward and uncomplicated. To begin making a few dollars every day, just download the app on your phone or use the web version from your PC and create a free account. The app will ask you whether you wish to watch TV or stream content online.

Choose any of the two options and Viggle will start tracking the type of content you watch. You will get handsome deals and offers based on the content you consume. You can also redeem the points you earned in cash. The money will be deposited straight into your bank account.

Features of Viggle App

1) Viggle also works great with popular TV streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Putlocker.

2) The app also has the facility to engage your friends in the movie-watching experience with several play-along options.

3) For watching TV or streaming content, you earn 1point/minute along with unexpected bonuses.

What I like about the Viggle App

I like the options that the app offers when it comes to watching my favorite TV shows. To find a TV series, I just type the name in the search box and within no time I am watching my favorite TV while earning money for doing so. There are not many apps in the market giving such a great opportunity to earn money.

What I don’t like about Viggle App

The only downside for the occasional users of this app is that you are supposed to log in at least once a month. If you fail to do so, you may lose all the points in your account. 

My recommendation

I recommended this app to anyone who spends 1-2 hours daily watching TV or any other online video content. The app also works great for people who like to binge on TV on the road. For instance, Viggle can be a great companion on a long haul flight across the nation.


Viggle does not charge anything. It is 100% free of cost and there are no in-app purchases. Click here to download Viggle for your Android phone/tablet and here for your iOS device. 

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