Tips to Promote Your Food Business


Good food and good service are too criteria for any food based business to earn profits – but, if no one really knows about your brand, your good food and efforts are only going down the drain. So how do you market your food business, especially if you are into mobile food business or what you commonly call, food trucks?

(1) One of the very first things to do is to find an attractive name for your business – the name should be such that it cleverly conveys what you sell. There are some businesses that had their fans or customers do the naming, by holding a local contest, which is a clever way to improve connection with your target audience. If it fits your budget, you can even give gifts to the person with the best idea.

(2) Digital marketing is what is hot about the industry at this very moment – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Foursquare and the list is endless. You need to choose an effective platform t stay in touch with your audience – you can update them with latest offers, give out some recipes they try at home, hold online contests, or just anything that will keep them engaged. You can include pictures of your food and you vehicle, show people how exciting it is and why they should try it out immediately. Make them crave for your food!

(3) You can always collaborate with these mobile applications that provide people with latest restaurants, hotels and eateries in the locality. This even comes with people rating your food and leaving comments. For example, there is Zomato, Swiggy and Uber Eats that happen to be quite popular at the moment.

(4) To build a steady following you should be able to reward your local customer. Give away a free ice-cream or a discount coupon once in a while.

(5) Hire a good food blogger who will write about your menu, your service and your company. If you don’t want to hire any professional, you can always go for these micro-influencers on Facebook or Instagram or the ones who have their own blog. You can invite them to try over your food and write about it. These people tend to have a good, loyal base of followers and you can convert these followers into your customers.

(6) Your posts should be witty and clever, and that is exactly how people will notice you. Why don’t you include the whole “Meme” trend? People like clever tidbits that they can share with their friends.

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