The Top 5 Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids Under $25

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Most parents would intuitively choose to gift their kids their favorite toys or video games on Christmas Eve. This is what makes their kid happy. But this Christmas, you can do the right thing by presenting them something that can change their lives forever. To do so, you don’t have to spend/pay a fortune. There are a plethora of life-changing Christmas gifts for your kid under $25.

The Top 5 Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids Under $25

1) Government savings bonds

Government savings bond or also known as the US saving bond that offers a fixed rate of interest over a fixed period. The money you deposit in this account is tax-deductible. This is what makes it one of the best gifts for your kid.

I understand that it could be difficult for a kid to understand how this savings account works; particularly if your kid is too young. But in the long run, your kid will have saved thousands of dollars by the time he/she finished formal education. And yes, you can begin with investing just $25.

2) Toy Cash Register

A toy cash register is a fake cash register that you can gift your child on this Christmas Eve. This gift is meant to be a bit different than the obvious one as it will get your kid to help to learn arithmetic and math skills. These skills are essential in the real world. Besides, you don’t have to worry about paying too much. You can surely purchase a fake cash register online for less than $15.

3) A 529 plan

Similar to the US savings bonds, a 529 plan is a tax-advantaged savings plan offered by the state. However, a 529 plan is tailor-made for kids who wish to save for their college education right from a young age. This is why it is legally known as a “qualified tuition plan”. You can open a 529 account for your kid today for just $25.

4) Stocks

Not all cheap stocks are worthless. If you do your diligence, I am sure you will find a genuine company that is selling stocks for as little as $25. Imagine what it could do for your child’s future if the stock goes up in the next few years. With cheap stocks, you have nothing to lose.

5) Monopoly


Playing Monopoly involves a lot more than just pushing around little pawns around on the board. It is one of the most popular board games on the planet. Moreover, it will cost you no more than 10 bucks.

It was created by Lizzie Magie and Charles Darrow during one of the worst financial crises in the history of the US. Since then it has never lost its appeal. Even in 2019, it is fully relevant and has a lot to offer in terms of economics and politics.


Gifts like toys, video games, or clothes won’t last that long. In the above post, I have mentioned not only tangible items but also non-tangible things like stocks and bonds that will continue to grow in value and can also last for generations.

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