A Hard Hitting Reality

Today’s post is from Megan at Megan and Eggs (love that!). She is here to tell us about how she changed from splurging to living on a budget. I graduated from college with very little debt. I had just paid off my car (a four-year loan in two and a half years). I was working a […]

Couchsurfing = Free Lodging + New Friends

Two weeks on the road is exhausting. It’s also expensive. So I came up with a brilliant idea. “Let’s stay on strangers’ couches in unfamiliar cities!” *Silence* Now to his credit, Steve was game. He actually has a friend back home who hosts couchsurfers from all over the world. Everyone else thought I was bat […]

How to Make Your Apartment Livable On the Cheap(ish)

Do you know what happens when you move across the country and only bring what will fit in a Ford Focus? You have to buy stuff to live. Well, you don’t have to — but I’m a big fan of not sleeping on the floor. As such, we’ve spent a decent chunk of cash on […]

I’M BACK! and More Good News

Hello, bestest friends! For the 2 of you that actually noticed I haven’t been blogging, I’m back! My cross-country road trip/move is over and I’m glad to have the chance to talk with all you fabulous people again. If you are true Erin fans, you know I actually have been writing — just not here. […]

Oh, Canada!

Aren’t my posts super interesting these days? I’m in NC, this is how much I spent there, here’s the mundane things happening in my life, etc. I pinky promise that I will be full of stuff to talk about when the move is complete. There are just a lot of variables right now, so I’m […]

That awkward moment when I have no idea what I want to do for the rest of my life

Hey, guys! Happy last week of tax accounting to me! How was your weekend? Did you miss me? Say something nice about me, it’s Monday! Ever since I announced my plans to leave public accounting and the state of Ohio, I’ve been asked by just about everyone the inevitable question, “So what are you going […]

Two Weeks Notice

Something must be in the personal finance blogger water. Recently, both Jessica of Mo’ Money, Mo’ Houses and Vanessa of Vanessa’s Money have announced that they are moving across the country to cities where they don’t have jobs lined up yet. And now, I’m happy to announce, I am doing the same thing. I put […]