July 2013 Recap & August 2013 Goals

July 2013 Recap & August 2013 Goals Is it really August? Really? LIFE Life. Is. Insane. In July, I moved out of my apartment in Cleveland and into a suitcase. We took a six day trip to Niagara Falls and Toronto, spent a few nights at Dad’s, went on the annual family cabin trip, and […]

May 2013 Recap & June 2013 Goals

Holy bajeezus, how is it June already? May freaking flew by! Anyways, here is my monthly recap/goals… LIFE May was not a great work month. It was pretty stressful and my schedule is getting to be very overwhelming. Hopefully things calm down after our June 15th deadline. I did talk to someone at work about […]

April 2013 Recap & May 2013 Goals

Time to talk about everyone’s favorite topic. ME! This will be my monthly update all about me. Why? (1) I want to have a written account of what’s going on in my life to look back on and (2) to make it easier to stalk and obsess over me. I will not be posting pictures […]