Financial Implications of Fall

Although today didn’t feel much like Fall with a high of almost 80 F, it is indeed fall. (Or autumn if you prefer it.) By unofficial count, it seems that fall is the preferred season of most people. In fact, I’ve never really heard anyone say they don’t like fall, and neither has my friend […]

Financial Implications of Having Pets

Do you own a pet? Pets have become almost a household staple in today’s world. In fact, according to The Humane Society of the United States: Pet ownership in the U.S. has more than tripled from the 1970s, when approximately 67 million households had pets, to 2012, when there were 164 million owned pets. The American […]

Financial Implications of Going on Vacation

Ahh Summer!¬†Summer is usually vacation season for most families. And while I won’t be going on a vacation anytime soon (read: until my debts are paid off), I know many of you probably will be if you haven’t already. While there are plenty of posts about there about how to spend less on vacation, how […]

Financial Implications of Summer

Has the summer season started where you live yet? We’ve had a taste or two of summer weather here in the last week. Because¬†it’s been exceptionally damp here the humidity has made it feel even hotter than it actually is much of the time. Unfortunately, it’s also made my hair a little unruly. But that’s […]

Financial Implications of Your Daily Routine

Do you have a daily routine? How about a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly routine? As a devout “planner” and over-scheduler, I’d answer yes to all of the above. (Seriously people, you should see my calendar. It has some crazy stuff on it, like “take trash to the curb” as a recurring event every Wednesday morning, […]

Financial Implications of Spring

Spring has finally sprung out in full force! (Which is good because I detest winter so much and I’m glad it’s finally over.) Spring is definitely my favorite season of the year (except for Fall, I love it too!). I love all the freshness about it – flowers blooming, grass growing, etc. All of these […]

Financial Implications of Having Friends

Yes, you read the title correctly. You may not always realize it, but having friends, and spending time with them, can actually have a huge impact on your budget. Now wether the impact is positive or negative really depends on how you and your friends celebrate your friendship. According to Urban Dictionary, friends are: “People […]

Financial Implications of Being Sick

It’s just that time of year I guess. Between colds, stomach bugs, being miserable with allergies, and strep throat, lots of illnesses have been making their rounds through my group of friends, my family, and my co-workers at both of my jobs. In fact, I had to take a sick day myself back in January. […]

Financial Implications of Working Outside the Home

We all know there are pros and cons of working outside the home when compared to working from home or being self-employed. Things that often come to mind are issues with flexibility of your work schedule, and creating a work-life balance. Ever since I started freelancing online, I’ve had a goal of quitting my full-time […]

Financial Implications of Winter

Winter weather is in full swing here, which is very depressing to me. I absolutely detest winter time. In fact if I were a full-time freelancer, I’d probably only leave the house during winter time to get groceries once a week. Other than that, I’d stay inside where it’s warm-ish and cozy-ish. (I say “ish” […]