Have You Mastered Both Sides of the Financial Equation?

I’ve never really enjoyed math, so I guess it’s not surprising that I just can’t seem to master both side of the financial equation: increased earnings and low spending. Human behavior, particularly my own, can be really frustrating at times. When I started living on a budget a couple of years ago, I was very, […]

3 Things Preventing You From Pursuing A Debt-Free Life

Today we have a great guest post, if I do say so myself, from an awesome gal named Latoya. Latoya blogs over at Life and a Budget and you should check that out after reading this post. Enjoy! You hear about it all the time.  A young couple has paid off $25,000 of debt in […]

3 Ways Debt is Holding Me Back

Ya’ll I have not been doing so well with my debt repayment lately. With major things like car repairs, washing machine repairs, and doctor’s bills, it’s been a tough couple of months. But after attending FinCon15, I was re-inspired to get back on track with paying off my debt. Why? Because I am tired of […]

Which Debt Should You Pay Off First?

Debt, much like Jean-Ralphio’s sister Mona-Lisa, is literally the worst. It sucks up your money, causes stress and can hurt things like your credit score. The worst! I know you want to pay off all your debt ASAP. When you have different kinds of debt though, which should be the first to go? The number […]

8 Things I Did to Pay Off $20,000 of Debt

Today we have a guest post from a new blogger, Kev. I hope you enjoy it! A few months ago, I had the immense pleasure of checking an important bucket-list item: paying down $20,000 of outstanding debt on my line of credit. It took me 36 months to close the debt, during which my spouse […]

3 Tactics to Speed Up Debt Payoff

Debt: we all hate it right? I know I do! Like, a lot. Like, just as much as I hate Voldemort. So you know I mean business! When I was in debt it was always on my mind. Even before I got really serious about paying it off it lingered in the back of my […]

Money Can Buy Me Happiness

Today we have a guest post from Emma over at Money Can Buy Me Happiness. Enjoy! I feel like the luckiest girl in the world. I’ve spent over 14 months travelling through Mexico and Europe with my husband and son. Yet not so long ago I had accumulated approximately $30,000 in consumer debt and absolutely no […]

Life After Debt: Now What?

June 5th 2015 will be a big day for the rest of my life. It’s the day that I paid my last student loan and officially became debt free. Cue the dance party! Just over a month later I am proud to report I have maintained my debt free status. I’ve stayed out of credit […]

In Relationships, Is Your Partner’s Debt Your Debt?

According to some rather bleak statistics, almost everyone in the US has some sort of debt. Student loans, mortgages, credit cards, medical bills, car loans…the array and depth of debt out there is staggering. The average student loan debt is $32,593 and the average credit card debt is $15,706, according to Nerdwallet’s statistics. What Kind […]

World War on Debt

Sorry for the delay in posting this week. We were having some technical difficulties earlier this week. The other day I was adding up some numbers to do a mid-month budget check and I was surprised to see my numbers. Subconsciously I knew that I had overspent (once again) in my entertainment/eating out category, but […]