Why You Should Use a PrePaid Card For Gremlins

Before I get into the meat of this post, I should probably explain what gremlins are first. They’re basically all of those little things you didn’t plan for in your budget, like speeding tickets, ER stays, or pet emergencies.   Raise your hand if you’ve been there. Oh yeah, we all have. I’ve been there […]

How to Create a Successful Life on a Tiny Budget

Today we have a guest post from Deborah Shelby. Enjoy! Six and a half years ago, after a failed marriage, my children and I were living in a low-income apartment. After having been a stay-at-home mom for a few years, I had re-entered the business world from the bottom rung. I was barely earning minimum […]

Landslide into Debt – Help a Reader Get Out

Today we have a guest post for you from Dom. Dom and her hubby are working to get their finances back on track after some unfortunate, and expensive, events this year. If you can provide some friendly and helpful advice in the comments, she’d greatly appreciate it! Hubs and I have reached the tipping point. We […]

Simple vs Easy

Simple and easy are two words often confused, but in reality they do have slightly different meanings. Easy: not hard or difficult; requiring no great labor or effort. Antonym: difficult Simple: not elaborate or artificial; not complicated; not complex or compound. Don’t worry this is not just a vocabulary lesson to help make sure you are using […]

September’s Budget = Blown

Well folks, it’s only Tuesday morning and only the 9th of September and I’ve already blown my budget out of the water. Which means September is going to be scary! How did I manage to blow my budget? Well, lets just say Sunday and Monday were very, very expensive days. I guess you can just call […]

I was totally frugal that one time

Dude, what is up with all the wedding posts lately? I know June is huge for weddings, but geez Louise! On that note, here’s a wedding post. The best one, obviously, because I wrote it and I’m awesome. I’ve made a lot of money mistakes. Like a lot. I took out the maximum amount of […]

We Kinda Sorta Don’t Have a Budget…ish.

Budgets suck. I do not heart them and they are not sexy, despite what some more well-known blogs may tell you ;). That being said, it is crucial to have some type of spending plan in place regardless of whether or not you are in debt. Otherwise, you could end up spending like a coked-up […]