Stepchild Faves – July 2015

I know I’m always saying this, but seriously where has this month gone? Between some emotional events like my best friend S moving away, turning in my notice and quitting my full-time job, celebrating the 4th of July, experiencing a death in our community, and volunteering at the county fair – July has been a whirlwind of events.

Nevertheless, here we are at the end of July and it’s time for another edition of Stepchild Faves.

Stepchild Faves is where we round-up our top 5 favorite posts of the month and share them with you for your weekend reading pleasure. 🙂

Without further delay, here are our top 5 fave posts of July in no particular order:

20 Something Finance – All Successful Financial Goals Should Start with This I love setting goals and this post is a good reminder that you need to consider WHY before you set your goals. If you don’t have a strong why behind your goals, chances are you won’t be successful. WHY is what keeps you going on your goals when things get tough.

Young Adult Money – 3 Misconceptions of Millennials New staff writer at Young Adult Money, Kristi, shares 3 common misconceptions about millennials and the truth behind them. This well-written post is a great new perspective on some of the most common complaints about millennials. I’m so glad Kristi took the time to address them.

My Alternate Life – How to Deal with People Who Can’t Deal with Your Success In this post, Jordann talks about the down-side of success. We all strive to be successful in life, but whenever we finally start to see the fruits of our labor there will always be a naysayer waiting to bring us down. Jordann’s post gives some good ideas about how to deal with these people who can’t handle your success.

Messy Money – 99 First World Problems I needed a good laugh when I read this post and it delivered! It’s full of funny first world problems that many of us face, and at the same time it also reminds us that we need to keep things in perspective. Someone somewhere will always have it worse than what you have it and this post is a great reminder of that. Thanks so much for this light-hearted reminder May!

Budgets are Sexy – Do You Know Your Lifetime Wealth Ratio? In honor of the 2nd annual My Social Security Week, J$ shared a post asking readers if they knew their lifetime wealth ratio. If not, you can visit the Social Security website and set up a profile to find out how much you’ve earned over your lifetime (according to your taxable income on your federal tax return). When I read this post, I was inspired to go and find out my lifetime earnings. When I added it up, I was shocked at how much I’ve earned and what little I have to show for it. It was also neat to see how my earnings compared year to year.

So that’s our 5 Stepchild Faves for July. Have a great weekend and happy reading!

Did you come across any good reads we should check out?





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