It Pays to Be Prepared to Advance Your Career

Using your education to advance your life is what is expected of us once we finish school.  Depending on the course we choose, we can expect to go to work right away, or like many college grads, find ourselves sending out an endless number of resumes, hoping for a response, an interview and a job.  Getting ready for those milestones means being ready to put our most professional self out front where we shine so brightly, getting a call back is no problem.  Using your hard-earned funds to buy the clothes and shoes that will help you achieve this goal can be a challenge, especially when you don’t have lots of money.  But if you invest in quality pieces for your wardrobe, you’ll have one problem solved, because those pieces will serve you for years to come.  For women, basic staples like a good pair of shoes, i.e. pumps, flats and boots will prepare you for that unexpected opportunity that comes out of the blue.

Suppose you get a call from someone who wants to meet you because your name came up during an interview that was totally unrelated to you.  It happens all the time.  Being ready to meet that opportunity is really your job at this point.  If you have all the qualifications for the job and the satisfactory look to go with it, you are more likely to get past the gatekeepers and into the department to meet the decision makers who can hire you.  One student was in China during Spring Break and met the author of a study she had cited for a research paper.  After chatting, she was invited to visit the scientist on her next trip to Boston.  What she hadn’t planned on happening was a referral to a colleague of that scientist who was looking for an assistant familiar with the work.  Because a grant had just been awarded to the colleague, the she was called in for an interview and got the job.  She said she was glad she had listened to her advisor and purchased some good interview clothes and shoes or she would have had nothing except her tees and jeans to wear.  By using a stuart weitzman coupon from Groupon, she purchased a pair of loafers, and sling-backs for the price of one pair of pumps and felt confident when she found herself in the office of the university president while he was hosting a Chinese official from the province she had just visited.

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