Part-Time Jobs All College Students Must Consider for More Pocket Money

Doing a part-time job is a big decision for many college graduates. A job can take time away from social activities available on campus. On the other hand, some students do need to engage in part-time work to earn some extra cash. You can use this towards paying tuition to reduce the amount of student debt you have to pay later. Here are several part-time jobs for college students:

Student Librarian

This is possibly the cushiest job available on campus. Student librarians get paid quite well in compared to other jobs available on campus. Also, you will be working in the library, so you can easily study there as well. Most student librarians manage a desk for check ins and check outs, and when there’s no traffic, you can do your homework. Yes, it’s quite wonderful being a student librarian. As a result, there will be a lot of competition for a single posting.

Food Service Worker

Cafeteria and convenience store jobs are highly in demand in and around the campus. They are also the easiest to get. However, working in the food sector is not as nice as working in the library. You will be expected to do hard work like clean the tables, wash dishes, serve at the counter and so on. It can be dirty work, but you can easily get plenty of hours on weekends and evenings to earn several hundred dollars per month.

Freelance Writing

Going to work on campus and begging for hours is not easy task. If you want to avoid all that to make money, consider online freelance writing. You can set your own hours to meet deadlines. The catch here is that freelancers don’t get paid very well. Expect to earn between 5 to 10 bucks per article. If you are an exceptionally good writer with some experience, you might be able to push above $10 per 500 words to about $20. This is a good job if your major involves a lot of writing (that’s you English and Classics majors). Also, you can easily include freelance writing as a skilled job experience in your resume.

Student Security Officer

Your campus security office will most certainly have positions available for students. If you want to patrol the campus with a cool walkie talkie, this will be the job for you. Beware, however, that you may be requires to work hours late in the night or very early in the morning. This job is definitely not for the weak. Job duties involve making sure buildings are locked and emptying buildings that are supposed to be locked. As a student, you will not be required to engage in actual policing activities, like breaking up fights. Later, you can confidently include this job in your resume.

Teacher’s Assistant

This is a job that pays well and will most likely get you a glowing recommendation from a professor. Teacher’s assistance jobs are highly sought after on campuses because they pay well and you get to bolster your CV. You will have to be a good student to get one of these jobs. Competition will be tough, so apply early.

You can earn thousands of dollars per semester working part-time on campus. However, make sure you prioritize your schoolwork over your job. Don’t chase hours and plan your schedule carefully. If you do, you will be able to graduate with less debt and good grades.

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