Oops, I was frugal again!

So after I wrote I didn’t mean to be frugal, honest!, I kept coming up with more accidentally frugal things that I do. Who knew I was so savvy and responsible? All I need is a hatred of vacation and a love of thrift shops and I can retire at 27!* Anyways, welcome to part 2 of my accidental frugality.

Oops I was frugal again, because:

I eat spaghetti twice a week. Spaghetti is cheap, delicious, and super easy to make. I call my spaghetti nights my “broke college kid” nights. Mom teases me that I’m not in college nor am I broke. But as a general rule of thumb, regardless of income, everyone should act a little broke at all times. If for no other reason than people will be less likely to hit you up for money.

I do not own coasters. Brace yourself, I’m about to change your life. You can use junk mail as coasters. No rings on your table AND spending less money on pretty frivolous things, for free! Boom, frugal!

I rarely drink outside the house. Besides the fact that I’m a homebody, I don’t like relying on anyone else to get me home after a night of drinking and I refuse to risk my life, someone else’s life, or my pristine record by driving home intoxicated. Don’t drink and drive, my bloggy friends**. This just happens to make drinking cheaper, which is great as we partake in a bottle of wine or a six pack of beer pretty frequently.

Karen gif

I don’t use fabric softener/dryer sheets. I honestly have no idea why anyone uses them. I have literally never felt a difference between using said products and not. Do you guys use them? Have you ever tried without? Try it, you might find you’ve been wasting money.

I use every last drop of toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, etc. Pretty much just because I’m too lazy to go pick up a new bottle/tube. Seriously, I can never remember when I’m at the store and it’s just easier to develop the super human strength necessary to squeeze the last bit out than drive the mile to my nearest Giant Eagle.

What is something frugal you did unintentionally this month? Also, do you repurpose your junk mail?

*So not going to happen. Because the word stay-cation is gross and I’ll leave the pre-owned footie pajamas to Macklemore. Meanwhile, I’ll continue to plan three road trips this summer and add to my seemingly never ending wish list from Anthropologie. #SorryNotSorry

**A blog post and a PSA, I’m good.

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  1. I did better than spaghetti! I had veggie omelets 2 times this week.

    I coupon and buy toothpaste when it’s free and I still have one of those things that makes sure you get all the paste out of the tube.

    I own coasters because someone bought them for me as a house warming present and I love to drink at home. Gez, for what I get for two glasses of wine out, I can get a pretty good bottle of cheap not bad tasting wine, same goes for beer and it’s usually more peaceful.

    I do use fabric softener because I don’t use a dryer. it’s broken and we’ve been so focused on paying down our debt that fixing it is not a priority, plus, our electric bill is $40 cheaper per month. $40 dollars since December….That’s $240 bucks. And I have a coupon for the fabric softener, and I only use half of what it says…lol.

    Check out my post on physical therapy…lol. Hey, it’s working.

  2. There is pretty much a 100% chance I am taking a vacation each year and most likely it will be out of the country (well at least until the little guy turns 3 and we have to pay for a third plane ticket).

    Not sure I have done anything accidentally frugal this month other than just being a lazy bum and staying home most weekends…

    • Very nice, Brian. I haven’t taken a vacation overseas yet, but I will be discussing my past travel in a couple weeks (on my birthday post!). Is it really difficult flying with an infant/small child? According to TV, the answer is yes. But he’ll be a cultured little guy :).

      Laziness can be both costly and cost-effective. Glad to know it’s saving you some cash!

  3. Omelets for dinner at least once a week and often twice. It might be frugal, but the reason I do it is because I’m too lazy to cook a real meal and too tired to go out.

    Dryer sheets YES!! Unless you’ve lived somewhere that the static electricity could power small appliances, you probably don’t understand why. But between the static cling and the shocking myself when I touch the doorknob after folding … I won’t dry a load of clothes w/out (except towels, because they loose their absorbency if you use softener/sheets on them).

    I have been known to cut open tubes of toothpaste or moisturizer or whatever to use the last. I paid for it, damnit, I’m going to get ALL of i.

    Coasters – also a big yes. I bought some pretty uncoated tile from Lowe’s for $0.98 each, and glued little felt feet to them. 6 coasters for $7.50. They’re pretty, they keep rings off my furniture, and they look better than soggy junk mail.

    • Haha, soggy junk mail. It’s not that bad! We get enough that we have new “coasters” daily. They don’t get that soggy!

      Sounds like you are pretty frugal/lazy, Kara :).

  4. I *finally* got around to making smoothies at home again. I’ve been using my chaotic work schedule as an excuse to pick up the pre-made smoothies from the store (because I don’t have time for a proper breakfast), but they are so expensive and so full of sugar! Plus the ones I make at home taste so much better. It’s totally worth the extra 3 minutes it takes each morning to just make my own – in terms of saving money, nutrition value, taste and creating less waste.

    I think that’s about as frugal as I’ve been this month. But hey, baby steps, right??

    • I call that a win, Amanda! Excuse me, I mean MISS Amanda :).

      I need to get back into making smoothies at home. I’ve been grabbing Clif bars lately instead. So lazy…

  5. I use dryer sheets because it cuts down on static cling. I’m not sure why, but I’m a staticy person to start with, so going without would be pretty awful for me and anyone I touch. I cut them in half though and use unscented ones.

    My accidental frugality comes where it intersects being healthy. Less sugar, meat, and dairy, have worked out pretty well for both

    • Hmm, I don’t find myself to be overly staticky. Stop using them and you can just touch people when they piss you off!

      Frugality and health — sounds perfect!

  6. I also refuse to use dryer sheets. David uses them with his laundry, and I’ve never been able to tell the difference. *shrug*

    Funny thing… We have coasters. I bought a really cheap Walmart set in 2007 when I got my own apartment. But if one is 5 feet from where I’m sitting (or *gasp* in another room), I’ll totally use junk mail for my drink (or whatever piece of paper happens to be within arm’s reach). Funny how so many of my frugal habits are now starting to seem like laziness more than anything…

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