Living in the Lap of Luxury?

We all like to treat ourselves to nice things once in a while, but that doesn’t mean we can afford to live in the lap of luxury all the time.

Take for example living in a luxury apartment.

Sure it’s nice to have some of those amenities: a jacuzzi tub, granite counter tops, maybe even a covered patio area, but do you really need to live somewhere so nice?

What if you could use that money for something else instead?

Here’s another interesting infographic from that shows some other ways you could use that money instead, including paying for a gym membership, going out to eat more often, and spending more money on relaxation techniques, like getting a regular massage.

Ahh! Now that sounds like the life!

Check it out:

Luxury. Its a Bargain
Would you rather live in a luxury apartment or spend more money on the other fine things in life?

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  1. Wow. After looking what people pay for rent in places around the US, it makes me appreciate how much we pay for our mortgage. We have a 1500 sf house and our mortgage is only $985 per month. Moral of the story, if you live in Seattle or Washington DC, consider moving to Arizona 🙂

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