How to Make Your App Rank High on Google Play Store


Internet applications are a phenomenon these days. They have become extremely common for companies and startups. Almost every product or service available today comes with an app, providing online services to buy, sell and exchange information. Play store is the place where you will find millions of applications for various kinds of jobs ranging from ecommerce to games, music, health and many more things you can’t even possibly imagine .With so many apps in Google play store, he competition amongst them to be at the top is very high. Not just this, but the number of apps is increasing to continuously letting new entries in to the competition. To remain profitable you need to be at the top, ranking high. So here are certain ways by which you can make sure that your app ranks high on Google play store:

• One should always focus on increasing the number of downloads for his or her app. The more the number of downloads you have the more credible you become for a new user to use your app at the first glance. Your app will automatically get start appearing in highly popular ones and will be the most talked about amongst the user.

• Another important thing to be kept in mind is that whether your customers are actually the loyal ones or not. You ability to retain the number of downloads is also important. If people uninstall your app within short period of time after downloading it, then it is going to have a negative impact on your ranking.

• You rate of increase of downloads is also very important for your applications popularity. Your number of downloads should keep on increasing at a fast rate in order to remain at the top of the rankings.

• To increase you weight n the algorithm try to get more reviews and ratings for you application. The more you get them the more likely are the chances of increment in your ranking and popularity. People definitely consider the rating of the app before giving a thought for downloading it.

• The frequency of usage of your app plays an important role too. How frequently people are actually using your app once downloaded in their smart phones tells about the credibility of your app. One should always make sure that the app is being used actively by the users.

If you make sure that the above mentioned things are in place for you, then surely you will never be disappointed with your decision to put your app on the playstore.

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