How To Go About Finding Stocks To Trade

Finding stocks to trade every day is the fundamental practice that traders need to learn before they start making profits. Many novice day traders are overwhelmed at the sheer volume of penny stocks and mid-cap stocks out there on the market. There are thousands of publicly held companies that are available for trade on the daily market, so it can get to overload pretty quickly.

When Gary started day trading, he was at a loss as to how to decide what to trade and when to trade it. He was frustrated with his fledgling career as a marketing copywriter and under the thumb of a tough, old Irish boss from New England. Gary walked into work every day, waiting for another lecture from O’Neill about semicolons or the proper way to structure a call to action in a sales email.

Gary just jumped into day trading and started messing around on brokerage sites with a small inheritance he got from a great aunt in Pennsylvania. He was able to scrape together some profits, just by following along on the financial news and getting pretty lucky. He had a feeling that he wouldn’t be able to sustain any profits for long enough to quit his miserable copywriting job.

Then one Tuesday night, Gary stumbled across Warrior Trading on Facebook. The site looked interested and it was professionally designed, so Gary started to peruse. He was taken by the idea of putting together strategies that could make money consistently. And he was especially intrigued by the idea of a daily watch list.

He enrolled in Warrior Trading courses and made his way through them relatively quickly. When he got to the paper trading stage, he got to see the list of hot stocks each day that Warrior teachers called out every day in the chat room. They gave him a leg up in daily trading and helped him make decisions every day on what to trade.

After a while he wasn’t taking all his cues from the daily watch list, because he developed his own instincts and learned how to implement the strategies his way. But finding stocks to trade was always a priority for Gary every morning.

Warrior Trading was a boon for Gary because he was able to learn techniques that would allow him to make more in profits and he could learn new ways to find stocks to trade. Every strategy starts with picking the right stocks. It always starts by finding companies with the right fundamentals for large spikes on a day to day basis.

Day trading is all about capitalizing on the right stocks when the day begins. Finding hot stocks in the morning is key to have a profitable day and many profitable days in a row is key to making real money. Gary found out that Warrior Trading could help him accomplish that.

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