February Blog Income Update

Hi everyone! As promised, I’m here to check in and share our February blog income. The great thing is that I bought this blog last July and so by now the investment has been completely paid for, even taking expenses into account. So, the past few months everything you see here is just profit, which is great. It does not take me that much time to manage this site – I leave most of that to Kayla and she does a fantastic job. I really enjoy reading all of the posts and especially the guest posts that we have on here. We’re on our way to being a great resource for those trying to get out of debt. Really, all you need is to know you’re not alone so I love it when people share their stories.

As many of you know, it’s a lot of work to run a blog, and my team and I run three of them now. Combined we had several thousand of dollars of income between the three of them including affiliate advertising, direct advertising, and money I make from opportunities that I got from my blogs, like freelance writing. However, when you slice out just RedDebtedStepchild income in February, it was a tad low. We also had some technical issues with this site where we couldn’t log into the site at all for about two days which was challenging, but hey, it happens in blog land.

Anyway, without further ado, here is our February income – like I said, a little low but since it’s all profit, I can’t be too upset.

Seventh Month’s Income:


Affiliate and Direct Advertising: $360.00


Help With the Blog: $140.00 (As many of you know, I have help in the form of virtual assistants here on RDS, and I also pay to regularly update the technical side of things.)

Guest Posts: $5.00 (We pay $5 per guest post to help people with their finances.)

So, Earnings – Expenses =

Total Income: $215.00 in profit

How was your Feb income on your blog?

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