Did I lose weight or money?

I would do a drum roll here, but I already told you guys on Saturday (and on Twitter) that I won my DietBet! I know, I’m awesome. I lost 8.2 pounds and made $13.03 on my $30 investment! So I lost weight and gained money. Woot.

Was it difficult? No. Not even a little bit actually. It was kinda embarrassing how easily the weight fell off. Here’s my secret:

  • Eat less
  • Move more
  • Drink water

Crazy, right? Who knew it was so easy to take off weight? Everyone who’s ever made a conscious effort I assume.

Because I’m a nerd, I started thinking about financial freedom in this way — stupidly simple, but difficult to achieve. We know how to lose weight — eat less, move more — but many of us struggle with it.

Why? Lack of self-control, fear of failure, and fear of the unknown. Not to mention, the difficulty of maintenance after you reach your goal is terrifying.

it's hard

The abilities required to get a handle on your finances are the same basic skills required to get a handle on your weight. Quick fixes are often temporary and will not last in either case. You cannot get rich quick and maintain it and you cannot lose weight quick and maintain it.

I don’t think I play the victim in my debt situation. In fact, I wrote this post over on Money After Graduation about my debt being entirely my fault. While I have taken full responsibility for my debt, I feel as though I haven’t stepped up and dealt with it as I should. I’ve lacked self control, and lost sight of why eradicating my debt is important to me. There are many things in this world that I want, both material goods and experiences, and my debt load is holding me back from them.

Because of this, I’m committing today to re-prioritize. To make spending decisions aligned with my larger goals. And to also enjoy my life in the meantime in a frugal way (gross, why does the word frugal suck so badly?). I’m currently working on a few lists — including what I want out of life (aka why I give a shit about getting out of debt) and what I want to accomplish over the next couple of years in my financial journey.

I’m asking you all to help keep me accountable when I slip up (which I will). And I’ll gladly do the same for you, but only if you ask. I’m not going to berate your financial decisions without permission, nor do I want to. I have no reason to judge, I’m not god. Well, perhaps to some people I am. I’m not widely accepted as god.

I will be sharing my goals for 2014 as well as a few financial confessions (including my debt load) in December. Hopefully I’ll get my general life goals up before then. I’m scared shitless, but I trust that y’all will be supportive and cheer me on.

Thanks for being my cheerleader, you look so great in that pleated skirt.

Feel free to share some of your goals! I’d love to know more about why you care about financial freedom.

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  1. That is awesome! I really want to join DietBet one of these days. I just need to stop being lazy!

    I’ll keep you accountable 🙂

  2. I had a similar experience when I was trying to shed a few pounds before my wedding. It actually was really easy, I just need to be more disciplined with my diet.

  3. My weight tends to fluctuate by five pounds. If I’m super good on my diet and workout, I feel and look fabulous. But if I drop off the wagon, I probably gain five pounds.

  4. Stepping back and reminding myself of the big picture goals are hugely important… both in my healthy lifestyle and my “healthy spending” profile 🙂 Best of luck and congrats on the progress you’ve made already!

  5. I’ve seriously got to jump on this DietBet thing!

    I’ll help keep you accountable! And you can help me, too! I’m trying to be CC debt free within a month and after that, I want to beef up my emergency fund!

  6. That gif was exactly how I felt the week before we moved. Packing had sapped any energy to actually do any cooking. So sadly me and my girlfriend wound up eating out A LOT more than we should have. I’m not looking forward to going over the numbers at the end of the month.

  7. Oh man I think I gained about 10 pounds on my trip. 🙂 Good for you!! I did that once before and won as well. I best be preppin’ for fincon! I think losing weight is SO much like getting out of debt/not spending money. Slow and steady is so hard, but you just gotta keep on doing the right things day in and day out.

  8. I need to apply the same gusto to working out that I do to crunching my numbers each week. It is amazing how quickly the weight comes off if you’re actually using self-control and exercising. Motivating post other-Erin!!

  9. I had been training for a 5k throughout most of the summer and had to stop because of health issues. But during that time, it was amazing realizing how not that hard it is. It’s more of just taking that first step. It seems it’s easier to get my financial house in order than starting to train again….

    • Getting my financial house in order is a constant struggle for me. I’ll do really well for awhile and then fall back into overspending habits.

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