Oh, Canada!

Aren’t my posts super interesting these days? I’m in NC, this is how much I spent there, here’s the mundane things happening in my life, etc. I pinky promise that I will be full of stuff to talk about when the move is complete. There are just a lot of variables right now, so I’m […]

North Carolina Trip Recap & Spending

Hey guys! I’m back from sunny NC! I spent a week with my mom and her best friend from junior high chilling in Middle of Nowhere, North Carolina. Don’t worry, we ventured into civilization quite a bit. We spent Sunday & Saturday driving, so I just included a short recap of Monday through Friday. Wanna […]


The greatest day of the year is finally here! WOOOO! It’s my 24th birthday! I love my birthday but I am not a big partier. I keep things very low key and relaxed.┬áMy bestest work buddy is treating me to lunch and then after work (yes, I still have to work — I’m a grown-up […]