My Trip to Jordan (in GIFs!)

Hey guys, I’m back in the States!  I can say douchy things like “the States” now because I’m a schmancy world traveler. Try not to be intimidated by my cultured-ness. You guys know the reason we went to Jordan was a sad one, but let’s keep things positive and talk about the fun/weird/random parts of […]

#FinCon13 Recap & Spending

Last week, I spent a glorious long weekend in St. Louis at the 2013 Financial Blogger Conference. While I was originally on the fence about going because of the cost, I am SO glad I bought that last minute ticket on Twitter. I fully intend on attending next year as well and I better see […]

I’ll meet you in St. Louis!

First off, I want to thank you all for your kind comments on yesterday’s post. I am so lucky to have such awesome readers and I am grateful for each and every one of you. Not only do you use your precious time to read this little blog of mine, you are supportive during bad […]

Road Trip/Cross-Country Move Recap & Spending

Three million years later, I’m finally writing my road trip recap. I moved into my new place a few weeks ago but honestly I didn’t really want to add up the numbers. Spoiler alert: they are large. That’s why I broke them up by day and/or person. Sneaky, sneaky me. I’m going to try to […]

Couchsurfing = Free Lodging + New Friends

Two weeks on the road is exhausting. It’s also expensive. So I came up with a brilliant idea. “Let’s stay on strangers’ couches in unfamiliar cities!” *Silence* Now to his credit, Steve was game. He actually has a friend back home who hosts couchsurfers from all over the world. Everyone else thought I was bat […]

Niagara Falls/Toronto Trip Recap & Spending

Greetings from Colorado! It’s been a million years since you’ve heard from me (on this blog anyways). I’m assuming you’ve missed me terribly. I’ve missed you too! It’s amazing how quickly my days have been flying these past couple weeks. I need a vacation from this vacation, stat. (Just kidding, I’m really not that ungrateful! […]

Oh, Canada!

Aren’t my posts super interesting these days? I’m in NC, this is how much I spent there, here’s the mundane things happening in my life, etc. I pinky promise that I will be full of stuff to talk about when the move is complete. There are just a lot of variables right now, so I’m […]

North Carolina Trip Recap & Spending

Hey guys! I’m back from sunny NC! I spent a week with my mom and her best friend from junior high chilling in Middle of Nowhere, North Carolina. Don’t worry, we ventured into civilization quite a bit. We spent Sunday & Saturday driving, so I just included a short recap of Monday through Friday. Wanna […]


The greatest day of the year is finally here! WOOOO! It’s my 24th birthday! I love my birthday but I am not a big partier. I keep things very low key and relaxed. My bestest work buddy is treating me to lunch and then after work (yes, I still have to work — I’m a grown-up […]