Do Passive Income Opportunities Still Exist in the UK Rental Market?

Creating alternate income streams away from the 9-5 day job is a sure fire way to ease many a differing financial circumstance. Whether reducing debt burdens, creating a nest egg for the future or working towards becoming financially independent, having something in your personal asset column which brings money into the coffers can only be […]

Top Forex Risks You Need to Know About

Forex trading seems to be getting increasingly popular as of late. However, unsurprisingly, most new traders who seem to be getting into the forex game with the goal of making a quick buck end up getting their fingers burned. The reason we mention its unsurprising is because most don’t bother learning and education themselves about […]

Tips For Being Frugal

I’m on my twelfth month with debt. Twelve more months to go and I will be free (hopefully)! For the past year or so I’ve done my best to save up money. My frugality has verged between the extreme (two months only eating dime ramen) and the reprehensibly irresponsible (VIP tickets to Magic Mike XXL; […]

Is there a Plan to Restrict Growth in the UK Property Market?

You would think that growth in the UK property market would be a good thing, right? While this undoubtedly has a largely positive impact on the British economy, there are scenarios where this can create issues for the UK. Take the recent growth that has emerged in the marketplace, for example, which has seen prices […]

Nifty Ways To Save Money Around The House

Staying on top of your household expenses can be difficult. Even if you have a household budget, you may get busy and lose track of your spending. If you invest some time to analyze your household spending, you can find many ways to save money. Families can use the money they save to set up […]

3 Ways to Pick Stocks to Invest In

My investing experience is pretty limited. In fact, I’ve never had to pick individual stocks before. I’ve only ever invested in funds via my employer’s 401(k) program. The options in a 401(k) program are much more limited and controlled than picking stocks from the wide open market. I had enough trouble picking funds in my […]

When is it Time to Start Investing?

While I’m still mostly focused on paying off my debt, I have started thinking about when it’ll be time to start investing. I have done a bit of investing in the past, mostly via an employer sponsored 401(k) plan, but that all stopped when I got serious about paying off my debt. With only a […]

What is a Hedge Fund and Why Should You Invest in Them?

Have you ever heard people talking about investing in a hedge fund? I have, but until recently I had no idea what that really meant. What is a Hedge Fund? According to Investopedia, hedge funds are “alternative investments using pooled funds that may use a number of different strategies in order to earn active return for their investors. Hedge […]

What I’m Doing to Prepare for the Future

Planning for the future never seems like a fun activity, but I actually enjoy imaging what my future holds. I like to imagine what my budget will look like after my credit card debt is gone and I’ve got a decent emergency fund in place. I think about all the household improvements and projects I’ll […]

4 Ways to Lower Your Expenses to Put the Difference Toward Debt

Today we have a guest post from the lovely Kristi Muse. Kristi blogs at Moderate Muse and is one of Cat’s coaching students. Take it away Kristi! Chipping away at credit card debt can sometimes feel like you’re Sisyphus, condemned to an eternity of rolling a boulder up hill, only to watch it tumble down again. […]