Start The New Year With A Practical Loan

Dear 2016, please stop. Is it not enough that we had to mourn an astounding number of celebrities, say goodbye to Brangelina, and witness the United States elect an orange clown? Now you’ve also got to meddle with individual wallets and deprive people of their hard earned cash. There’s only so much time left as […]

Deep Pocketed Fictional Characters You Need to Idolize

Books and movies are never really kind to rich people. From Smaug to Gordon Gecko, the super rich have a tendency to be cast as greedy villains. However, there are several exceptions to this rule. Just as in real life, not all fictional rich people are SOBs with personality issues. Here are some rich characters […]

Most Leniant U.S. States When it Comes to Auto Insurance

Let’s be real. Adulthood is expensive. Way more expensive than you thought it would be. Between rent, car payments, groceries, and taxes, you barely have any money left. You may be trying to figure out where you can cut corners to save yourself some dough, but it seems everything has a minimum payment or requirement. […]

Why are My Bills High?

Everyone worries about getting expensive bills. Some of us have to deal with sky-high bills more than others. Have you ever wondered why that is? Read ahead to find out some of the things that can earn you heftier bills than other people. You Constantly Browse Online Retail Websites Are you addicted to online retail […]

How to Plan a Family Vacation without Emptying Your Bank Account

Family vacations are great for bonding, having fun, and discovering new places. But vacations can also be expensive. Some families end up going way over the budget when planning family vacations. While it’s important to have fun on your vacations, spending excessively will make the rest of your year miserable. You should never borrow money […]

How to Objectively Manage Your Finances

Personal finance management is a skill that a lot of people find difficult to master. Managing your finances could make a significant difference in overall quality of life and help you save for the rainy day. Here are some useful tips. Prudent Spending A cardinal principle of effective financial management is spending within your means. […]

Sometimes Gambling Can Be Good For Your Finances

Hey fancy people! I’m glad to be back after a long absence to do a guest post on RDS. I’ll admit, I’ve missed being a bit snarky in my writing and this site was a great outlet for that energy each week. But, I’ve made a lot of changes in my business since leaving RDS […]

Money Problems Only College Students Will Understand

There are many things you can learn in college, especially with regards to money. If you don’t come from a well-off family, you will be intimately familiar with the money problems college students face. Tuition is at an all-time high. In addition, colleges charge exorbitant fees for accommodation, health insurance, and other services. Therefore, if […]

Reasons Why Cost of Living in 2016 is So Damn Expensive

As 2016 dawned, you may have gotten a flurry of red notices. (Just be glad they weren’t howlers like in Harry Potter.) The New Year was great for many things, but not for living costs. It feels as if 2016 is the most expensive year to live in since the Great Depression. Costs are rising, […]

4 Ways You Can Make Money Without Any Professional Qualifications

Everyone wants free money. We have been told all our lives that making money requires hard work and a graduate degree in our meritocratic society. Then again, there are those who make millions only having knowledge of basic literacy. There are many legitimate ways to make money. You don’t need to incur debt going to college […]