6 Tips On Having Fun When You’re Broke

Having fun when broke seems like such a difficult thing to do. We do need something fun once in a while to let loose and shed stress. Here are several innovative entertainment options that don’t cost a penny for those in debt: 1.       Borrow Movies From the Local Library Majority of local libraries offer lifetime […]

How To Get Over Money Problems

Financial problems are immensely stressful. This stress can sometimes dangerously spill into other aspects of life, such as marriage, friendships and, you know, happiness. While you should never brush off debt to feel good, here’s how to get over money problems without shattering good relationships and peace of mind. Read ahead to find out. 1.       Talk […]

5 Ways to Save Money on Happy Hour

When I was still working at my job before I quit to work for myself, I used to LOVE going to Happy Hour with my co-workers or other friends after work. This was one way we celebrating making it to the end of another week, especially during this time of year when work was crazy […]

How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day on a Budget

Ah, the 14th of February. It is a day of love, ardor and affection. It is also a massive drain on your bank account. Valentine’s Day is one of the most commercialized celebrations in the months after Christmas and the New Year. Taking your significant other out to dinner alone could cost you upwards of […]

Change isn’t Always Bad

Change tends to be one of the things in life that I don’t look forward to very much. I like having a daily routine (for the most part) and I enjoy knowing what is coming next due to my OCD-ish planning skills. I have always had a plan for life and that plan has never […]

3 Instances Where Life is NOT Like TV

I don’t watch a lot of TV these days because I consider it to be a mostly time-sucking activity that doesn’t add a lot of value to my life. Maybe that’s because I mostly watch trashy TV – AKA reality TV and ABC Family. #dontjudge Although my choices of TV shows might be questionable at […]

How to Get on The Same Financial Page as Your Partner

You’ve fallen in love and everything is perfect. You two agree about everything, you get along swimmingly and you’re permanent residents of lover’s paradise. It’s a match made in heaven! Then you realize that you’ve never really figured out the finances thing. Sometimes you pick up the tab and sometimes your partner does. You’ve got […]

2 Major Ways to Prepare for the Unexpected

This post is part of the TermLifeInsurance.com blog tour, which helps spread awareness of the importance of providing financial security for your family. September is Life Insurance Awareness month, so learn more with LifeHappens.org and how life insurance can protect your family and your finances. Life is messy. It definitely doesn’t go in a straight line from […]

In Relationships, Is Your Partner’s Debt Your Debt?

According to some rather bleak statistics, almost everyone in the US has some sort of debt. Student loans, mortgages, credit cards, medical bills, car loans…the array and depth of debt out there is staggering. The average student loan debt is $32,593 and the average credit card debt is $15,706, according to Nerdwallet’s statistics. What Kind […]

Why You Shouldn’t “Fake it ’till You Make it”

For a lot of things in life, having confidence and the ability to “fake it ’till you make it” is great. For instance, in freelancing lots of people will tell you to have confidence in your abilities and skills and if nothing else, you should fake being confident when pitching a client for a potential […]