4 Tips On Negotiating A Divorce Settlement

Are you a working woman who’s thinking about getting a divorce? Not all marriages end up well. Some have their gritty moments and harsh elements. With a frayed marital relationship, getting a divorce is usually considered a feasible option. If you have thought about separation, it is wise to hire and consult a professional family […]

How do Entrepreneurs Handle Failures

Failure in human life is a harsh reality from which no one can escape as long as we continue to live. Failures are learning lessons which help an individual to grow even stronger and rise against them to come out as a real winner in life. Failures are not for getting demoralize and make oneself […]

Spendings You Need to Say Goodbye to Once You Have a Baby

Once you have a baby, your whole life changes. There will be more responsibilities, more joys, and of course, more expenses as well. It’s not sensible for new parents to continue their lifestyle as it used to be. Babies are costly and so your household expenses will have to change accordingly to serve the baby’s […]

Five Totally Unnecessary Expenses Your Wedding Doesn’t Need

Costs can get out of hand when planning a wedding. When you are excited to plan for that special day, you may not necessarily think twice about what you are spending money on. Here is a list of wedding expenses that you probably should not be spending any money on: 1. Super Expensive Shoes and […]

Financial Perks of Moving in With Your Partner

Moving in with a significant other is a milestone of any serious relationship. In fact, marriage experts highly advise couples to try living together before getting married. That way, you two can know for sure if you can bear each other’s company for another twenty or thirty years. Other than the emotional perks, there are […]

3 Alternatives to Jail Time for First-Time DUI Offenders

Letting your hair down, to party or on your birthday, is something you can do once in a while to relieve stress and unwind after a rough day. But if it includes drinking, make sure you bring along a designated driver or you could be facing a DUI charge. The simple definition of DUI is […]

Wedding Expenses that are Totally, Definitely and Truly Unnecessary

You may have dreamt about your wedding day all your life. But when the day finally arrives, it could get out of hands quickly, especially when it comes to sticking to your  budget. Couples save money for years, and even take out loans to have their dream wedding. Don’t let the multimillion dollar wedding industry […]

Movies That Will Motivate You to Get Over Your Midlife Crisis

Midlife crisis—we all have to face it one point or another. There are many ways to deal with the problems we face as we leave our youth behind. However, doing nothing and sulking is not one of them. Doing something, at least watching a movie, is better than ignoring your problems. Sometimes, we all need […]

The Ugly Truth: Relationships are Expensive

Even when we were little kids (especially little girls), we dreamt about growing up one day and finding that significant other with whom we will spend the rest of our lives. Little girls dream about their wedding days, and little boys dream about becoming fighter pilots and rescuing damsels in distress to marry. When we […]

Should You Take Out a Wedding Loan?

My wedding day was the most important day of my adult life. I felt as if I had been waiting for that moment forever. At the time, my now husband and I had been dating for over five years, so when it happened, everyone went, “finally.” Not to boast, but my wedding was a glitzy, […]