9 Steve Case Quotes that will Pump You UP

The AOL founder and former CEO, Steve Case has been an expansive contribution to the tech world. Even after leaving AOL, he has highly influenced entrepreneurs all across the globe and has been vocal within and outside of tech. His own investment firm, Revolution LLC, is betting on the future of tech outside of Silicon Valley. […]

The Recipe for a Successful Business Campaign

What is the recipe of a successful business campaign that will do the trick? Highlighting the right part of your campaign to bring out the essence of your content or t build your following may need a lot of smaller ingredients, while the recipe essentially remains the same. As you improvise, you get better with […]

Build Your Own Dreams, Or Else Someone Else Will Hire You To Build Theirs

  The wealthiest man in the world (Bill Gates) was a college drop, who has about a million engineers working under him. Success doesn’t come easy. You don’t achieve your goals just because you were lucky. You either have a plan set for yourselves or it is someone else’s plan you’ll be a part of. […]

Deep Pocketed Fictional Characters You Need to Idolize

Books and movies are never really kind to rich people. From Smaug to Gordon Gecko, the super rich have a tendency to be cast as greedy villains. However, there are several exceptions to this rule. Just as in real life, not all fictional rich people are SOBs with personality issues. Here are some rich characters […]

Finding Accountability

One of the main reasons I started my blog last year was to help keep me accountable as I work to pay off debt and embrace (semi) minimalism. While it hasn’t always been successful at keeping me accountable with my outrageous spending habits, it has helped quite a bit already. My main goal for 2015 […]

March 2014 Recap & April 2014 Goals

How is the first quarter of the year over already? Holy crap! LIFE March was a month of hustling. Our income is back up to normal levels and we’ve both been crazy busy working. Because of this, April should be a pretty decent month financially. If you remember last month’s update, I got a little […]

February 2014 Recap & March 2014 Goals

Well, February absolutely flew by! I’m happy to be entering March — the month where we will finally be back on track. LIFE February was a month of catch up. We spent the time working, hanging out at home, and keeping things generally low key. It doesn’t sound overly exciting, but we were definitely recovering […]

January 2014 Recap & February 2014 Goals

Anyone else super glad January is over? We had a rough month and I’m glad to move onto February and a new beginning. LIFE As many of you know, my mother-in-law passed away unexpectedly at the beginning of the month. Steve flew out to Jordan, while I flew to Ohio for a week first, and […]

December 2013 Recap & January 2014 Goals

Happy New Year! It’s 2014 and I am looking forward to killing it this year. But before I do that, let’s look at my last month of 2013. LIFE Steve’s work offered pretend money bonuses for different sales made during November and December, to be used at a Christmas auction. We ended up with the […]

2014 Goals

I’ve never been one to follow through with resolutions. I think, as a rule, no one really follows through with them. Most resolutions are something like “work out more” or “stop smoking”. And then when people inevitably fail by mid-January, they call the whole year a loss. No judging here, I resolved to quit smoking […]