Learning To Drive Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive! 5 Tips To Help You Along The Way

You may well approach the process of learning how to drive by fearing that it will be expensive. However, that does not have to be the case. In fact you will be surprised at how much money you can save by taking on boards some simple-but-effective advice. Here are five top tips to help you […]

How to Cover Sudden Expenses With No Emergency Fund

Have you ever found yourself slapped with a sudden expense but had no money on hand, or no emergency fund? If you live paycheck to paycheck, then you know the feeling. It’s a horrible feeling when you’re short on cash and are expected to make payments on necessary bills. Bills that have strict due dates […]

What Services to Expect From Your Banker

I’ve been thinking about switching banks lately as my current bank has cut back on or eliminated a lot of my favorite services and the fees they charge have gone up significantly in recent years. Which bank you use can play a huge role in all your finances, so you should expect nothing less than […]

How to Get Money When your Credit is Horrible

It seems to be a proven fact; you need money and can’t get it when you need it the most. This could be due to not having enough income or unexpected bills. Whatever the case, a loan could be the answer. However, how do you get this loan when your credit is horrible? Let’s uncover […]

Financial Planning Reduces the Unexpected

In an ideal world there are no nasty surprises. Families would be able to go through life with enough income to pay their bills, enjoy a holiday or two, and then when retirement comes around there would be sufficient funds to provide for a comfortable old age. Sadly, life is rarely that simple. The recent […]

Why You Need an Emergency Fund

Currently, paying off debt is my main focus, but there have been a few different times I was glad I had a “baby” emergency fund in place. One time was when I need to do repairs on my car so I could keep driving it to get to work, ya know so I could keep […]

How Safe is Your New Home?

Whether you are buying a home to live in or buying one because you want to use it as an investment property, a good neighborhood is one of the most important considerations. Although focusing on location before property appears to be counterintuitive, and it is not what most people do, there is sound logic to […]

Do You Need Payment Protection Insurance?

When I signed up for my first credit card, I was asked during the authorization process if I’d like to be enrolled in a free trial of Payment Protection Insurance (PPI). The customer service representative told me this would be a good thing to be in as the program will help you cover you minimum […]

How to Easily Save Money on Gas

This post was created in partnership with Sunoco. As we all know saving money and sticking to a budget can be very difficult, but some items like food, rent, and gas just cannot be eliminated from your regular spending. However, just because you cannot eliminate an item from your budget doesn’t mean there isn’t a […]

How to Play Gambling Games Safely

I don’t know if my intense competitive side or what, but I LOVE playing games of all kinds. In my world, winter means spending more time inside and that means I have more time for playing games. My family often plays card games, board games, and even video games when we get together. But I […]