5 Signs That You Suck at Using Credit Cards

Who doesn’t have a credit card nowadays? They are convenient, great for building credit, and you can only purchase some items with a credit card to help you pay for them (if you’re careful). But, just because you have a credit card, it doesn’t mean you are using it right. In fact, you might suck […]

5 Reasons to Protect Your Credit Score

Your personal credit rating follows you through life, reflecting your history of credit interactions. From an early age, your performance managing phone contracts, car loans, credit cards balances and other forms of consumer credit form the basis for your rating. Each positive entry fortifies your financial reputation, slowly helping your credit score inch upward. Late […]

Staying Positive During Debt – A Quick Guide

It seems like there’s nothing more stressful or depressing than being in debt. You become overly concerned about spending money, uncertain about your financial future, and feel guilty and insecure all the time. I’ve seen people succumb to such feelings, and ending up even worse than before. So, it’s very important to you that you […]

How I Overcame Debt That Left Me Depressed, Destitute and Divorced – A Success Story

I thought myself extremely lucky when I was in my early twenties. I was able to go to a good university without worrying about money thanks to the college fund my parents had started the day I was born. As soon as I graduated with a bachelor’s in science, I got accepted to a highly […]

Comparing Household Income to Household Debt

What exactly is the picture? According to economists after one has made the necessary adjustments for inflation then one comes to the conclusion that household debt has grown 15% faster than comparative household income since the early 2000’s. This is not good news for a consumer but apparently things have improved slightly from the position […]

Breaking the Shackles of Debt

Cost of debt According to statistics the average US household is paying almost $7000 in interest a year and in most cases this represents almost 10% of the average household income which is estimated to be just over $75,000. That is a large chunk of money out of your available income. Interest is simply making […]

Credit Card Debt in the US

These statistics show a gloomy picture Credit card debt seems to be out of control in the US where the average household is owing over $130,000 in debt and of this amount over $15,000 is for credit card debts alone. It is not only government that is staggering under a very large national debt of […]

Tips for Changing Your Mindset to Get Out of Debt

No one ever plans on being in debt. They start out making good money and being able to afford all of the things that they want in life. Then, the next thing they know, they are in over their head and struggling to make sense of what happened. Being in debt can take a toll […]

3 Tips to Better Money Management

Oftentimes, many people feel that they are doing all they can to manage their money appropriately. They feel that there is nothing else they can do to make their financial situation any better. This is even truer when it comes to someone who is already considered low income. After all, how you can possibly manage […]

Should I Save for Retirement Or Pay Off Debt First?

Deciding if you should save for retirement or pay off debt first is a hard question to answer when someone is overwhelmed with debt. Saving for retirement is a long-term commitment, one that you will absolutely need when you are older and unable to work. Once upon a time, retirement savings were considered a priority over […]