Can Content Writing become your Career?


Content writing is a kind of work which involves writing some content for nearly anything and everything. Content writing can be done for a website or in some marketing collateral which can include things like advertisements, brochures, newsletters, pamphlets, emails, etc.

No thinking about having a career in the field of content writing is a great idea. Here are so many people who have earned a significant amount of money and fame in this field. Bing a highly competitive field, some of the best content writers can even make up to INR 1 TO INR 3 LAKS per month which is quite a good number in terms of monthly salary there are some famous full-time bloggers as well who have been known to earn somewhere near about INR 10 lakhs per month.

Now there are so many people out there who love writing but are doubtful about starting a career in this field. But to clear this doubt, making content writing as a career would be quite a good choice for you if you are passionate about it.

Also, you can explore the different field in it and choose one of these as your career!

SEO writing

Now when you get into the field of content writing, SEO is a term that you will come across quite a lot. In this SEO articles, the keywords play quite a crucial role, so you need to be careful with the use of it.  A majority of the client are looking for only two things from a perfect SEO article which is the content should be unique, and it should be completely plagiarism free.  For beginners, SEO writing is a great option to kickstart their career in this field.

Content writing for social media

Social media is an excellent platform for doing business. Thus so many companies are shifting to social media for of marketing and advertisements. Now for this, they require content which in turn involves content writers. Soorder to generate a significant amount of traffic, these companies tend to hire people who are excellent in this field and can write a good level of content. In most of the cases, professionals are employed for this job, and they are required to write content regularly.  The earning here generally depends on the level of the writing and the number of articles written.


It is one of the emerging career options and has been attracting the youth since the internet has become accessible by many. Blogging allows you to be your boss and make a good share of the money. Usually, at the start of this career field, you may not earn a lot of money. But once it gets on the right track, there are chances that you will be making in lakhs after your websites start generating significant traffic.   The only thing that you require to begin your career I this field is your passion for writing because you are a content writer, only your passion can help you remain in this field for the longest time possible.


Thus content writing can become your career. All you need is to be passionate about writing and developing your writing skills, and this will take you way forward in your job.

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