Addicted to TV? Here are 5 Cheap Alternatives to Cable

Last summer I finally cut the cord and quit paying for cable. Ok, technically I had satellite TV, not actually cable. That’s because satellite TV is actually cheaper in my community than cable. Yep! And it has more channels, which may or may not be a good thing. But that’s a discussion for another day. […]

Creating a New Normal, Without Debt

The following is a guest post from Harmony at Creating my Kaleidoscope. Enjoy! What seems blasphemous now, felt perfectly normal back then. We married young and bought a small house; so far, so good.  It wasn’t long, however, until we succumbed to the pressures of being “normal.”  The new house needed furniture and appliances.  We went out […]

4 Fun Things I’ll Do When I’m Debt Free Someday

Sometimes it’s just nice to think fantasize about all the things I’ll be able to do with my money when it’s really mine someday. You know, after my debts are ALL paid off. It’s going to be a while before this happens. I set a goal to be 100% free from credit card debt this […]

Have a Merry Christmas and a Frugal New Year

Well guys, Christmas is finally (almost) here. It doesn’t really feel like it in my neck of the woods because the weather has certainly been warm lately. Yesterday was 50+ degrees and it’s predicted to be that warm for the rest of the week. We actually had a white Thanksgiving with snow and even a […]

My Frugal Wins Lately

As much a like to remind y’all that I’m definitely not the most frugal blogger out there (and that I’m ok with it), I have actually had some really good frugal wins lately. More importantly though, I feel excited to know that more and more bloggers are finally talking about why it’s ok to not […]

Why I Love Peoples’ Post-Black Friday Stupidity

Ahh Black Friday! I know it was about 1.5 weeks ago now (although I’m still getting tons of sale emails and ads every darn day), but I just realized that Black Friday has longer-reaching financial implications than some people realize. I’m not just talking about how long it will take you to pay off your […]

…When You Lose Track of What Day It Is

To those of you who know the routine of me posting on this blog faithfully each and every Tuesday, I have to say I’m so sorry. It could be partly due to self-employment and working from home, but I also think it’s due to the holiday last week and being away from my regular schedule. […]

Living “Lean” Helped Me Be Debt Free

Today we have a guest post from a reader named Crystal, who successfully became debt free last year. Enjoy! In 2007, I went back to school to obtain an M.A. in Education/Curriculum and Instruction with a Specialization in English and Language Arts so I could teach English classes at a community college part-time. Since I […]

Have You Mastered Both Sides of the Financial Equation?

I’ve never really enjoyed math, so I guess it’s not surprising that I just can’t seem to master both side of the financial equation: increased earnings and low spending. Human behavior, particularly my own, can be really frustrating at times. When I started living on a budget a couple of years ago, I was very, […]

Banks It’s Not Me…It’s You

The following is a humor-filled yet factual guest post by Cullen Bushnell representing CO-OP Financial Services. If you’re 18 to 35-years-old, you’re a millennial. But you already knew that. What I bet you didn’t know is that you’re not into banks anymore. If, however, you disagree, keep reading. Your mind’s about to be blown. There are 85 […]