About Kayla

Kayla is a mid-20s single girl living in the Midwest, USA. She is focused on paying off her consumer and student loans, while simplifying her life and closet. You can join her on her journey at ShoeaholicNoMore or follow her on Twitter.

Sometimes Gambling Can Be Good For Your Finances

Hey fancy people! I’m glad to be back after a long absence to do a guest post on RDS. I’ll admit, I’ve missed being a bit snarky in my writing and this site was a great outlet for that energy each week. But, I’ve made a lot of changes in my business since leaving RDS […]

3 Alternatives to Jail Time for First-Time DUI Offenders

Letting your hair down, to party or on your birthday, is something you can do once in a while to relieve stress and unwind after a rough day. But if it includes drinking, make sure you bring along a designated driver or you could be facing a DUI charge. The simple definition of DUI is […]

Does Renting Out a Room for Additional Income Really Make Sense?

If you are looking for a way to bring in additional income, renting out a room in your home might be an option to consider. After all, it might seem nice to be able to bring in a monthly income for a room that you aren’t really using anyway. Other than the guidelines for resident […]

Choosing Among the Best Security Companies in Houston

Crime is a constant factor no matter where you seem to live today. The levels and difficulty of criminal activity have changed as well, forcing business owners and building owners to reconsider the best methods used in protecting property, individuals and buildings. You want anyone that comes into your store, warehouse, office building, apartment building […]

I Paid Cash for Graduate School and You Can Too!

The following post is by TaNiqua. I graduated with my undergraduate degree in spring 2013. I took the summer off and began graduate school in fall 2013. I debated on whether or not to further my education. I decided I didn’t have anything better to do and might as well pursue it. I looked into […]

How To Reduce Food Waste And Save Money

As a child, you were probably scolded on a regular basis for being wasteful with your food. How many times did you have to be told about the starving children overseas that would have been grateful for your meal? Unfortunately, these bad habits can persist well into adulthood and even though it might seem that […]

How to Make Children Aware about the Importance of Money

Today we have a guest post from Tina Roth. Enjoy! I came across a quote a few days back on a friend’s social media timeline, which kept me thinking for the days that followed. Here’s the quote: “The price of something is different from its value.” We always consider the price, hardly the value. That’s […]

Saying Goodbye is Such Sweet Sorrow

Hey all! Kayla here. I just wanted to give you an update because this will be my last post on RDS. Although this was not originally my site, I’ve loved being able to take it, put my own spin on it, and run with it. Erin had an awesome thing going when she owned this […]

5 Ways to Save Money on Happy Hour

When I was still working at my job before I quit to work for myself, I used to LOVE going to Happy Hour with my co-workers or other friends after work. This was one way we celebrating making it to the end of another week, especially during this time of year when work was crazy […]

Why You Should Give Yourself a Weekly Allowance

Today we have a guest post from a reader about how she manages her finances. Enjoy! I have been giving myself a weekly allowance for the past two months. This was my plan with starting my new job. I only get paid at the end of the month so I had to find a way […]