How to Get on The Same Financial Page as Your Partner

You’ve fallen in love and everything is perfect. You two agree about everything, you get along swimmingly and you’re permanent residents of lover’s paradise. It’s a match made in heaven! Then you realize that you’ve never really figured out the finances thing. Sometimes you pick up the tab and sometimes your partner does. You’ve got […]

4 Easy Ways to Save Money on Everyday Purchases

I’m always looking for a way to save money. We live in a world where the internet rules everything and that means turning to the internet to help you save money. I like to use it as my first stop when I’m considering buying something, especially with the holidays right around the corner and all […]

Which Debt Should You Pay Off First?

Debt, much like Jean-Ralphio’s sister Mona-Lisa, is literally the worst. It sucks up your money, causes stress and can hurt things like your credit score. The worst! I know you want to pay off all your debt ASAP. When you have different kinds of debt though, which should be the first to go? The number […]

You Are Responsible For Your Own Money

Responsibility is the terrain of adults. From handling your own housing situation, to providing food for yourself somehow, to managing your money, you are responsible for yourself out there in the big bad world. No one holds your hand through every adult interaction. You have to face each challenge and surprise that comes your way. Sometimes […]

Hanging With Friends Fo Free- Four Ideas to See Your Friends and Save Cash

Over the last year, as I was crushing my student loan debt, I lived very frugally. I cut out any and all ‘extra’ spending. If it wasn’t rent, gas or food, I wasn’t paying it! I’ve always been frugal but this was next level. I’m talking total money lockdown. As anyone who has tried to […]

3 Tactics to Speed Up Debt Payoff

Debt: we all hate it right? I know I do! Like, a lot. Like, just as much as I hate Voldemort. So you know I mean business! When I was in debt it was always on my mind. Even before I got really serious about paying it off it lingered in the back of my […]

Recognizing Your Financial Values

They say that there are two types of people out there: the savers and the spenders. You have to be one or the other.  I think that just like everything else in life, there are some shades of gray to this definition. How you save AND how you spend are both determined by your financial values. […]

Life After Debt: Now What?

June 5th 2015 will be a big day for the rest of my life. It’s the day that I paid my last student loan and officially became debt free. Cue the dance party! Just over a month later I am proud to report I have maintained my debt free status. I’ve stayed out of credit […]

In Relationships, Is Your Partner’s Debt Your Debt?

According to some rather bleak statistics, almost everyone in the US has some sort of debt. Student loans, mortgages, credit cards, medical bills, car loans…the array and depth of debt out there is staggering. The average student loan debt is $32,593 and the average credit card debt is $15,706, according to Nerdwallet’s statistics. What Kind […]

How to Gift Yourself a Healthy Financial Future

Who doesn’t love getting gifts? I know that I look forward to getting some sweet swag every year on my birthday. This year I got tickets to Stevie Wonder and an amazing sketch of me holding hands with Will Smith (be still my heart!) from my friends. Some gifts you have to give yourself. While yes, your friends […]