August Blog Income Report

august blog income updateI promised all of you when I purchased RDS that I would report my earnings on this blog, so here it is! Hang on to your hats!

This number includes my income from the last week in July when I purchased the site all the way through the end of August.

I want to be clear that my income on this blog really isn’t “starting from scratch.” After all, I purchased this blog because it was already established, which makes it easier to monetize.

Additionally, I have a list of advertisers that I’ve collected from Budget Blonde over the last few years so I was able to leverage my current network and contacts to get things started off right.

So, without further ado:

First Month’s Income:


Affiliate and Direct Advertising: $990.00


Help With the Blog: $326.00

As many of you know, I have a help in the form of virtual assistants here on RDS, and I also pay Grayson to regularly update the technical side of things. Combined, their services cost me $326.00 last month.

Hosting: $107.00 – $65.00 (because I used my own affiliate link) = $42.00

I was offered two months of free hosting, which sounded great in theory. Unfortunately I was not impressed with the host. The very first day the blog launched, we had all sorts of problems, which let me to require more of Grayson’s technical services. We’re actually in the process of moving servers now, which is why there is this expense on here.

Domain Moving: $2

I had to pay to transfer the name from Erin’s account to mine. Grayson used a coupon because he’s awesome like that.

So, Earnings – Expenses =

Total Income: $620.00

Overall, I’m pretty happy with that since August is typically a very slow month in blog-land. September already seems slower by comparison but we will keep chugging along nonetheless. ☺

How have your side hustles been going this month?

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  1. Wow! That’s just for the first month you’ve had the site. Great job! 🙂 Can’t wait to see it grow even more.

  2. Glad I was able to help you out. I can also confirm your site has been moved successfully!

  3. Pretty good for the first month! I’m still looking forward to that first $100 from Adsense 😉 I’m getting close!

  4. Not too shabby at all Cat for 5 weeks since taking over RDS! I need to start learning more about successfully running ads on my blog.

  5. how cool! congrats on earning that much for the site =)

  6. Great work Cat, I’m sure it will only grow!

  7. Amazing! That is really impressive in my book. Smart move 🙂

  8. That’s so awesome! And for month one, too! I had a pretty awesome August, too, considering, like you said, it’s summer and all. Granted some of that can be attributed to some much awaited payments.

  9. Very cool! A great start!

  10. Wow good job! definitely a great month of income. Do you mind telling us who the old host was?

  11. Whoa – nicely done! There are some huge upsides to purchasing an already-established blog with stats, that’s for sure. That aside, you still did extremely well!

  12. That is still a good month for a 2nd non-primary site. Good Luck in September.

  13. That’s really impressive! I wanted to know who you old host was as well?


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