April 2015 Blog Income Update

Hey guys! Just wanted to pop in quickly with the April 2015 Blog Income Update.

Overall, April was slow for pretty much everyone in blog land. I talked to a lot of other full time bloggers about the month and across the board everyone was hurting a little. This happens often in the summer months because people take vacation and are not online as much. Normally I would expect this more in June and July and not April but it could be a weird month.

Google had an update on April 21 and it looks like we made it through unscathed. This could be a reason why people halted on advertising in April since no one was really sure what would happen to the value of their blogs after that update.

Of course, the best part of this investment here is that this blog has been paid for for quite some time. We made the initial investment back quickly and my primary expense is paying my team for creating great content and their technical help. I only spent about 1 hour on Red Debted Stepchild in April and for that reason, I’m perfectly happy with my income in April even though it was lower than usual:

Ninth Month’s Income:


Affiliate and Direct Advertising: $475.00


Help With the Blog: $116.00 (As many of you know, I have help in the form of virtual assistants here on RDS, and I also pay to regularly update the technical side of things.)

Guest Posts: $10.00 (We pay $5 per guest post to help people with their finances.)

So, Earnings – Expenses =

Total Income: $349.00 in profit

How was your April?


  1. That’s a pretty impressive return for one hour of work.

  2. That’s a great insight about the update. My April was pretty darn slow, too!

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