April 2013 Recap & May 2013 Goals

Time to talk about everyone’s favorite topic. ME! This will be my monthly update all about me. Why? (1) I want to have a written account of what’s going on in my life to look back on and (2) to make it easier to stalk and obsess over me. I will not be posting pictures of my feet, so don’t ask. (Okay, I’ll give you a little taste. They are size 10. You’re welcome, creepers.)


The first half of the month was all about work, work, work. That’s the nature of busy season, it’s freaking busy! I’m extremely glad it’s over. The second half of the month was about fun, fun, fun, which for me was starting this blog and taking a couple of short road trips. Red Debted Stepchild was launched on April 16th and I’m rather surprised at how well it’s done since then. I was pretty sure only my family and friends would read it for the first few months. Thank you everyone for reading, commenting, and sharing. It makes me feel famous and we all know how much I like attention!

My very short road trips were to Dearborn, MI and NW Ohio. Steve and I headed up to Dearborn the day after deadline to spend some time together and eat Arabic food. We also hit up the Detroit Institute of Art and had the best hookah ever at a local hookah bar. I trekked over to NW Ohio for shredded chicken sandwiches. Oh, and to visit my mom! I hadn’t been out there since Christmas and she didn’t neglect to remind me of that. It was my little brother’s prom as well. He wore a tux with a camo vest and work boots because I originate from Hicktown, USA. His date wore cowboy boots and a camo ribbon around her dress.

Mean Girls Homeschooled Kids


I made $171.50 in freelance writing income and I also received $800 as a first installment on my furniture (I’m selling my furniture, by the way).

Debt payments for the month were $1,414.75.

OH! I have a good one. For the first time ever, I paid six months of auto insurance at once! I’ve been month-to-month my entire adult life. $450.09, bitches!

Big deal gif


In April, I was obsessed with “Just Give Me a Reason” by Pink Ft. Nate Ruess, Trader Joe’s Omega Trek Mix, and dreaming up blog post ideas.


Two posts on Money After Graduation this month:

Sad Latte is Sad

Wanna save money? Get married early!

They are both fabulous if I do say so myself (and I do). Go read them and fall in love with me even more.


Continue to post at least three times a week on Red Debted Stepchild. I wouldn’t want to deprive you people of the regular dose of Erin you’ve become so accustomed to.

Do something active 5 days a week for at least 30 minutes. You can track my progress on Twitter. It would be a little stalker-ish though.

Save $2000 towards super secret savings goal and pay off $1500 of debt. It’s a stretch, but I think we can swing it.

Go on a cheap date each week. With Steve or a friend, just go out and stop being such a hermit.

Keep being awesome. I have a feeling I’ll blow this one out of the water ;).

Tell me about your April! And tell me what you want to accomplish this May! I’m a terrible listener,  but I’m a great reader!

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  1. Looks like you are on track for a great May!

    No major goals for me this month. Just keep on keeping on. The only exciting thing my old lady* and I are doing is going to visit my sister and Baltimore and see her new baby! Also I would like to point out I could have gone my entire life without knowing the size of your feet and been fine with that…

    *it’s cool if I call her my old lady, she thinks it is funny because she is younger than me

    • Exciting! Is this your first niece/nephew?

      I like to think that knowing the size of my feet has enhanced the lives of my readers. Haters gon’ hate! 🙂

      • Its my first nephew from my sister, but we have 1 nephew and 2 nieces on my wife’s side of the family. We are pretty excited.

        Also this is the time of year for cheap dates. I don’t know where you live (other than the “midwest”) but this is the time of year for out door festivals and those are usually fun and cheap!

        • Ohio. I’m an hour away from Cedar Point (not exactly cheap, but fun) and we have a ton of parks and great cheap restaurants. I need to look around for some good festivals.

  2. You are so hilarious – great job on your debt repayment! I love that Pink song, too!

  3. I think going on a cheap date at least once a week is a great idea! 🙂 Happy May Erin!

  4. Love your blog! You are doing great with your debt repayment and welcome to the blogosphere. I like having a date a week with my partner too. Usually a movie, cheap dinner, stroll, etc.

    • Thanks :). We did a 5 mile walk yesterday together (to and from the park) and it was great. It’s absolutely beautiful outside!

  5. Erin, I just discovered your blog, and feel completely deprived for having not been there from the start. I love love LOVE your name! (Your blog name, although for each of my two daughters, Erin was the runner-up name, so I guess I love your real name, too.)

    Our plans for May are HUGE! We are going to the Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting in exciting Omaha, NE this weekend. The following weekend we fly out to Memphis for Mr. 1500’s little sister’s grad school graduation, then up to St. Louis for a night with my oldest bestest friend, then up to Chicago to see my sister, Madison, WI to see Mr. 1500’s other sister, then back home to CO, where we have to pack up all our belongings (which are far more than yours because I have not yet embraced the minimalist lifestyle like you – I am more of a mini-hoarder) and move to an as-yet-unfound home that will either be our first rental property once we move out, or our forever home, depending on what we can find. The market is super tight up in our new city. (Deep breath.)

    I love your blog, and agree that you will knock the “continue to be awesome” out of the park. If you could bump up the blog entries so we can read something new from you every day, that would be even more awesome. But I understand if you can’t. Finding cute shoes for a size 10 foot can take some time. (I am in a 9, and have almost the same problem.)

    • Thanks so much :). I would love to bump up the number of blog entries, but I’m taking it slow to start. Maybe I’ll go to 5 days a week in June? I guess we shall see.

      WOW! You have a rather hectic May! So much traveling, I love it! Congrats and good luck on your move. I hope you find a great place :).

      It sucks trying to find cute shoes for a size 10 foot. A lot of stores don’t carry higher than a 9. Stores are very much against me. It’s a total pain in the ass to find jeans with a long inseam as well. Those big feet have to hold up 5’10” worth of Erin, almost all legs!

      • Ah, the jeans thing I do not feel the same pain. I have legs like a penguin. My problem is finding jeans that don’t have to be hemmed. You can NEVER match the factory hem, it always looks like you did it yourself.

        • Haha, penguin legs! Everyone I know either needs long jeans or to get regulars hemmed. Who actually fits the standard sizing?

  6. You are rocking it for having just started this blog half a month ago. Keep up the good work! I love Just Give Me a Reason. I’m not a huge top 20 fan but that song sucks me in!

    • Thanks, lady! I tend to be a bit more alternative myself but there have been a few top 20 songs in the last few years that have impressed me (aka the words mean something and the music isn’t obnoxious!). Just Give Me a Reason is SUCH a good song. Love it!

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