5 Ways to Save Money on Happy Hour

When I was still working at my job before I quit to work for myself, I used to LOVE going to Happy Hour with my co-workers or other friends after work.

This was one way we celebrating making it to the end of another week, especially during this time of year when work was crazy stressful.

Even though Happy Hour is known for having great deals, it can still get expensive if you go out too often. That said, I’m definitely not going to discourage you from going out for Happy Hour. Instead, here are 5 ways you can save money on Happy Hour so you possibly go more often. 🙂

Look for Deals

Yes, Happy Hour is already known for deals, but that doesn’t mean that every bar and restaurant near your workplace participates. One way to make sure you save money is by only going places that offer those Happy Hour specials.

If you are itching for a change of scenery from your usual Happy Hour hangout, call ahead to make sure they offer great deals so you don’t overspend your budget.

Go on a Different Day of the Week

Of course the best night for Happy Hour is usually Friday since you don’t have to go to work the next morning, but that’s also when bars and restaurants are going to be the busiest. Instead, some of my friends and I have started going on an occasional Wednesday to give ourselves a break from the norm in the middle of the week.

Some places will have more specials on weeknights than on Fridays in order to try and draw people in mid-week. Plus, if a bar has less people you are definitely going to get better service too.

Choose Cheap Drinks

If you are trying to cut back on your Happy Hour spending, one way to save money is by switching up what you drink. Beer is obviously going to be cheaper to drink than any kind of mixed drink, but if you can’t stomach it, ask the bartender what other kinds of cheap drinks they have. Who knows, you might just find a new favorite.

Eat Cheap

When there’s drinking, there’s usually eating too. When you order food things can really start to get expensive. Luckily, many bars and restaurants will have deals on appetizers too. When there’s a group of you out at Happy Hour, it’s a good idea to get a couple of cheap appetizers and split the cost and the food.

Another way that I save money at Happy Hour with my friends is by using an appetizer like chili cheese fries as my evening meal. Healthy? No. Cheap? Yes. It’s ok to do this once in a while, as long as chili cheese fries don’t because an evening meal staple. 🙂

Have Happy Hour at the Office

When I worked at the bank (not really a “bank” but kind of), we would occasionally have Happy Hour in our office’s break room on Friday. We’d all chip in during a quick run to the liquor store and then have a couple of drinks in the break room while discussing topics other than work.

Do you participate in Happy Hour? How have you frugalized it? Do you order your own cheese fries or do you share?

About Kayla

Kayla is a mid-20s single girl living in the Midwest, USA. She is focused on paying off her consumer and student loans, while simplifying her life and closet. You can join her on her journey at ShoeaholicNoMore or follow her on Twitter.


  1. I wish we could have had happy hour at my old job (in the building)! It would have made things so much better. Actually, we had a great time going out for happy hour and I still go out with my old colleagues from time to time. It’s one of my favorite activities-drink and eat.

    • Yeah, I don’t know if we were really “supposed” to have any alcohol in the building. But we were always responsible with it and it was always after-hours, not during work time. I love going to happy hour with my friends. Good times!

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