5 Fun Ways to Save Money and Lose Weight

reddebtedstepchildcom-5638ad3b35e66If you can’t afford to go to the gym, but you want to lose some weight – do not worry! There are some fantastic tricks you can use that not only make your body get lighter but make your wallet get fuller too! If you are intrigued then let’s get to these super easy and fun tricks that will do two works at the same time – save you money and lose your weight. Enjoy!

Get smaller plates

I just love this trick, because it is easy to do and it works! Every time you are going to eat, always choose the smallest plate there is. This works magically well because every time you put food on this plate you won’t overeat and use less food too! Then we take big plates we unconsciously try to fill it all with tons of food we must eat afterward. By choosing one small plate, you will fill it full with significantly less amount of food and so you will spend much less to keep yourself fed. It is a win-win!

Grow your veggies

reddebtedstepchildcom-5638ad3b95deeThis tip is surely one of the funniest ones and one of the cheapest too. By having just one small garden in your household, you can be active all year long and save a fortune because you won’t need to shop for essential ingredients of your meals! You can easily make all vegetables and herbs! So you will be very active every time you plant, weed and maintain your garden and you will always be able to enjoy fresh and truly organic veggies too.

Shop with coupons

Sounds a little bit out of blue? Probably, but let me explain to you how you can save money and even lose some weight if you start couponing. By shopping on the web, you will be able to keep yourself away from all unplanned and impulsive purchases you might make while you buy in a store. Candy and other sweets included. So, that directly affects your shopping habits, the food you buy and also your diet too. Moreover, since there are tons of online coupons (for instance these coupons for target too), you can make even the most expensive healthy meals a lot cheaper and so – way affordable for you as well. Not to forget that you can make your mini gym at home a lot easier too with coupons too! So, it might not be like shopping with coupons directly affects your weight loss, but that directly makes your savings bigger. That is a fact!

Always eat breakfast

reddebtedstepchildcom-5638ad3b58048Some people just love breakfast foods, and if you still don’t feel that love, you should. Eating breakfast is very recommended by many diet specialists and scientists because the body absorbs the most of the nutrition and energy from food in the morning. Missing this meal, you are missing a chance for your body to get healthier! Moreover, then you eat big and healthy breakfast, you won’t feel so hungry in the day – and so you will eat less during lunch and dinner and also save money! Perfect!

Ride a bike or just walk

Finally, a super easy way to have fun and lose weight is to ditch public transport or cars and go to work, school or whatever by feet or with a bike. It will make you lot more active and also – save you tons of money because you won’t use any gas at all! So it is super easy, super fun, and super frugal. Try it!

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