Tricks Companies Use to Make you to Buy More

When it comes to shopping most of us tend to stick to a budget but many at times en up spending a lot more than what we actually decided on to. This is not simply because you get persuaded to easily; the marketing strategies are one of those hidden secrets that unconsciously bind you to spend more.

Here is a list of some of those widely used marketing strategies by the companies that gets you to spend more than you would think of!

They use your eagerness to compare things for their benefit

It is human nature to compare two similar things and then buy the one which offers the best deals. At one hand this is our strength but on the other it also becomes our weakness.  The companies use this weakness of yours to earn profit. They will place two similar products but one having a higher price than the other.  This makes the initial one seem cheaper and this makes the customer to buy that product even though the prices were out of their budget.

They take full advantage of your laziness

Many time you will observe that bottle that are sold in supermarkets open come in packets like in a bunch of six or twelve. Now even if you want just one bottle you will feel too lazy to open up the whole packaging to buy just that one bottle and instead buy the whole package. And on top of it buying a whole package would look like better idea to you for later uses as well. In this way companies persuade you into buying six bottles instead of one!

Using red price tag

Companies are well aware of the things that can make a difference to your unconscious state of mind and they use it to hike their sale. For example they use caprice tag of red colour which is bright and eye catching.

Providing bigger trolley to the customers

Then the supermarkets have trolley which is big. This is a very common yet effective trick to persuade you into buying more even if you didn’t intend to in the beginning.

Using the ‘left to right movement approach’

And one of the trickiest approached being the ‘left to left to right movement’.  Many stores are designed in a way in which the customers would go counterclockwise. Also studies have shown that customers always tend to look left and that too in the middle of the rack. This is where the companies will place the product that has the most prices or there expiry date is coming soon. Because if the customers see a product first they will tend to buy it immediately.

Floors with smaller tiles

The floor with small tiles is yet another smart trap. Due to the small tiles, the cart tends to make more noise. This makes the customers to slow down their cart. Thus they spend more time at the shop and end up buying a lot of things they didn’t intend to buy.

Thus the companies know the psychological aspects of human and they are well aware of the trick by which they can persuade you into buying more. But once you know these tactics you can always care of it next time you go for shopping and buy only those things that you require.

What is Gold Trading?

gold bar

Throughout history, people have always been attracted to gold. As far back as Ancient Rome Emperor Augustus set the price of a pound of gold to 45 coins. The precious metal’s premium monetary value endured, even when paper money replaced coins. By the 1800s, most paper currencies were redeemable in gold, which became known as the gold standard. It was only after 1971 when the US refused to honor the dollar’s value in gold that the world governments abandoned the gold standard for fiat (regular) currency. Still, to this day, central banks keep a part of their liquid reserves as gold, and exchanges allow transactions denominated in the metal.

A safe haven

It is this continuing value that makes gold trading a decent opportunity for one to earn money and pay off debts. Because of gold’s consistency through the years, it’s widely considered as a “safe haven”, or an investment that people can count on to limit their losses during events of economic downturn.

Gold trading isn’t difficult to learn, but it may require plenty of effort and research to master. And as with any investment, there are risks and rewards for investing in gold since it is impacted by supply and demand, fear, and inflation/deflation.

Know your options

There are a number of ways to trade gold. First is through a futures contract, which is an agreement to buy or sell an asset at a future date. Investing News explains that gold futures are an appealing investment because they allow people to trade without paying the full amount right away.

Gold can also be traded on a stock exchange like the SPDR Gold Trust Shares (GLD). The trust trades like any stock in that you earn or lose money for each share you own each time the price changes. The minimum price movement is $0.01 and that’s the amount you lose every time the price changes. However, one draw back is that to be able to trade gold funds, you would need a minimum of $25,000 in their stock trading account.

Another option is through contracts for difference (CFD). A CFD allows an investor to profit from an asset’s price movement without having to own the asset itself. FXCM explains that CFDs have benefits over other investments. For instance, there is no expiration, so traders can hold the investment for as long as they wish. Leverage is used frequently when trading gold CFDs, which allows for lower minimum rates, and increases both wins and losses.

Do your homework

For you to successfully profit from gold, you must learn the polarities that impact gold buying and selling decisions. It is also important to analyze both the short-term and long-term gold charts in order to make intelligent trading decisions. Once you are familiar with the process, it is relatively easy to earn funds that can cover debts.

Those interested in other trading opportunities can also look into Forex Trading.

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