7 Tips to Write a Compelling Sales Letter

Increase sales

Nothing can make a greater difference in businesses than a persuasive sales letter. The people who are excellent copywriters and can write effective sales letters, are successful, and rich, and are the best in the business. A company’s sales team plays a pivotal role in the success of the business with the company’s sales performance having a major effect on profits, and you can get traffic and increase sales, just by getting that copy right. You may not get the best copywriter for your business, especially if yours is a rising startup, so use these tips to make your prospects go GAGA over your product:

  • Don’t use complicated language to explain your product. The moment your audience finds anything difficult to understand, they will lose interest, and you will lose your prospect. Keep it simple and clear. No one gets impressed by long-run sentences or text that doesn’t compliment the topic. The copy should have adjectives that gives them a rough idea of the product and is succinct.
  • You’re subject lines CANNOT be boring at all. If you want people to pay attention to your emails, sales letters or videos, you have to be interesting. Maybe your subject line can start with a question to pique their interest, or it can be list of something (“10 Reasons why” types) or a comparative analysis, revealing how your product is unique and better than the other alternatives available in the market.
  • It is general human tendency – a man will do more to avoid pain than to get pleasure. So, what you can do is to understand their fears. When you play off the reader’s fears, you’re inciting the potential for pain against what they hold dearest. To figure out their fears is to understand them completely. What do they fear the most when they are looking for a product in this particular category?
  • Now, once you have identified the pain point, you have to create a gripping story to sell your product and to solve their pain point. For example, if most people who use shampoos fear that their shampoos aren’t paraffin or sulphate free; does your shampoo brand solve that problem for them?
  • You may want to use some past stories to convey your message to your audience. Build transparency and trust.
  • Avoid passive voice – it sounds impersonal. It just sounds too plain and not persuasive at all.
  • Make them an offer they cannot refuse – irresistible, compelling and insatiable.

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How You can Use LinkedIn for Marketing

Linkedin marketing

Keep other social media platforms one side and LinkedIn on the other. LinkedIn has created a niche for itself as the ultimate business and corporate place to socialize, grow and find new possibilities for you and your business. First those of who do not have an account there, you are missing out on a whole lot of opportunities. Don’t delay further and make an account immediately. Those who were wise enough and already have an account there, learn how to reap the whole benefits of it, now! It is the perfect place to kick start your career. It provides the boost, adds that edge to you.

You need to present yourself in front of prospective employers and that is no less than marketing yourself. It is just how you see it. Or you need to find employees or increase your business. Either way there are few things to learn and keep in mind while using LinkedIn. Here we go, I like to call them the 4Cs of marketing and completing your LinkedIn profile. The 4Cs that you should abide by are,

  • Customize

The LinkedIn network is booming. It is growing at the rate of a person every second. It is a crowd. And it is very easy to get lost in a crowd. So whether you are an employer in the need of potential employees or you are someone in need of a job, in either case you need to customise your profile so that the other person is able to find you. That is the first priority. You must at least find and reach the right people, what happens after is your second priority. Also you need to stand out from the rest. Everyone would want to stand out from the rest. So it gets a bit complicated. But if you are original then it isn’t that difficult.

  • Connect

Don’t put too much privacy in your profile settings. After all you are here to meet new people. Yes recommendations go a long way and that is how you get a kick start. But there will come a point where you would cross paths with complete strangers. Be open. Approach new people and build a network. Give back the help you got someday and recommend someone.

  • Complete

Do fill out all the details about yourself. Give the potential investors, employer some information to feed on. How are they supposed to know whether you are suitable for them or not without knowing your complete details?

  • Compel

Last but not the least, make a compelling profile. Curate it with your own genuine efforts so that it gives the right impression about you. Don’t follow the herd and add a little something of your own that will compel the person on the other side of the screen to know more about you.

Good luck!

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