Xtrade Europe and What Online Traders Can Expect in 2016?

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Only two question is currently on the mind of all XTrade Europe traders around the world: what they can expect and what will happen on the global market by the end of 2016? It is a true million- dollar question.  Nobody can predict what will happen in the future simply because nobody has a crystal ball. However, we still can try to understand the main trends on the global financial market and use these data for discovering new trading opportunities.

Are There Any Good News?

The good news is that almost all markets have recovered in the second quarter. This is a very optimistic news, especially when we know how terrifying opening was in the first quarter. However, we must stay focused. According to the experts from XTrade Europe, we have not reached the safe zone yet.

June was particularly interesting. We had the famous Brexit voting and always turbulent Federal Reserve meeting. And we must not forget turbulences on the Chinese market.

When it comes to a Federal Reserve meeting, people were curious about whether the heads of this institution decide to give a boost to the economy or financial market. Fortunately, their decision led to the dollar consolidation and general decreasing of investing risks.


The famous Brexit also shook the global market, but everything backed to the normal after just a few days. Of course, the British pound weakened a lot in the beginning, but it returned on starting positions after a few actions of the British national bank.

While it seems that the situation on the global financial market is now back to normal, folks from XTrade Europe still do not have a straight answer which assets class would be the ideal choice. For some, there are no ideal asset classes we can trade with. The only choice we can make here is to choose the least risky commodities, hoping that we have made a wise decision.

The second school of thought suggests that we should start buying bonds, especially those that are inflation-protected.

Finally, we have XTrade Europe investors who believe that trading with classic assets such as gold or real estate is a winning combination. Experts who think these hard assets should be our priority believe that fiscal stimulus will be more important in future, compared to monetary ones.

As you can see, it is extremely difficult to say which type of commodities should be included in our portfolio. It all depends on our strategy and our expectations.

According to managers at Commerzebank, probably the best option we have in 2016 is buying all major currencies against dollar (the best strategy would be buying G10 currencies).

If you still do not know which assets you should trade with, we have a safe but still profitable combination: long EUR, long oil or even long Yen.

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The Ugly Truth: Relationships are Expensive

Even when we were little kids (especially little girls), we dreamt about growing up one day and finding that significant other with whom we will spend the rest of our lives.

Little girls dream about their wedding days, and little boys dream about becoming fighter pilots and rescuing damsels in distress to marry.

When we grow up, we realize that relationships are not quite that simple.

Obviously, there are the personal and ideological differences that come into play in relationships. There’s also something else that is hardly discussed about relationships: the finances.

At school, no one really teaches us how to manage finances, much less how to manage finances together. But that’s exactly what’s expected of children when they become adults. Financial problems in a relationship can emerge as early as during the dating stage.

How Much Do These Roses Cost?

When people date, they are told to show appreciation towards each other with little personal gifts. Also, trips and dinner dates are also expected to take a casual relationship to the next level. And what do all these mating rituals have in common? They are all crazy expensive.

Traditionally, the man was expected the bear the financial burden of a relationship. However, with the rising costs of living and stagnating wages, no one man can be expected to be the breadwinner, unless the man in question is featured in Fortune 500. Modern women certainly want a say in the financial matters of a relationship and have some independence. However, neither party may expect the sheer costliness of their being together.

Family Dinners?

In case a couple somehow manages to survive dating without going into debt, there are the inevitable costs associated with meeting each other’s families. Hosting dinners for families, taking the whole family out to dinner are equally or even more so expensive. On the other hand, this is a good time to test the strength of a relationship. If a couple can sort out the financial problems together at this stage, they just might make it through life.

The W.E.D.D.I.N.G

The lucky ones that survive finally get their big day: the wedding. Weddings used to be fairly simple affairs like a family gathering. However, as the wedding industry has boomed, there’s more pressure on brides and grooms to purchase expensive decorations, designer cakes, branded dresses, and so on. Peer pressure is also high to show off at an extravagant wedding. Expenses have risen to the point that some couples seriously consider taking out personal loans to cover for their wedding expenses. This is an unwise decision, mostly because the couple will need to take out other, far more useful loans in the near future.

Who Pays the Mortgage?

After tying the knot, wedded bliss comes with a hefty price. Namely, the price of a mortgage. It’s fairly impossible for the average worker to afford a house without borrowing money. Mortgages are necessary loans that most couples end up paying for decades to come. A financial burden like this can certainly strain a marriage, especially because financial ups and downs are expected as the couple ages.

As you can see, relationships are expensive. From dating to marriage to having children, modern life is consumed with debt. Will anyone see a solution in the near future?

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