Spendings You Need to Say Goodbye to Once You Have a Baby

Once you have a baby, your whole life changes. There will be more responsibilities, more joys, and of course, more expenses as well. It’s not sensible for new parents to continue their lifestyle as it used to be. Babies are costly and so your household expenses will have to change accordingly to serve the baby’s needs first. Here are some of the common, no-baby household expenses you can get rid of once you become a proud parent:

Online Shopping for Inessential Items

Before baby, you may have spent hours online shopping for shoes and new overcoats. These are all unnecessary expenses now. If you waste money on compulsively buying inessential items online, you will not be able to buy essential items for the baby later. Having a baby means it’s time to save money. You never know what sort of expenses the future might bring.

Eating Out Frequently

When it was just you and your partner, you may have loved eating out on weekends and even on weekdays. Eating out is very expensive. If you continue to do it post-baby, it will make up a significant portion of everyday expenses. So, eat out only on very special occasions. Considering that you will have to find a babysitter to go out anyway, it’s more frugal to simply stop. You two can make romantic dinners for each other and stay at home with your bundle of joy.

Home Remodeling for Aesthetic Appeal

Most couples tend to make various changes to houses pre-baby. Interior decoration can be fun, but post-baby you will have to stop. You will need to money for an essential expense, like for childproofing the house.

Indulgent Holidays

You don’t have to stop going on vacations when you have a baby. Nonetheless, you will have to stop overspending on vacations and unnecessary weekend trips. You may have been able to afford it before, but you won’t be able to after the baby. Save your holiday money so that when your baby is older, you can all go on fun family vacations. Try to find inexpensive ways to have fun outside the house, like going on picnics at nearby parks.

Multiple Credit Cards

How many credit cards do you own? If it’s more than one, it may be too many. When you use a credit card, you are taking money out from the following month’s salary and repaying it back at an interest. The last thing you want with a baby is to incur credit card debt. So, cut down the number of credit cards you have. Stick with cards with the lowest interest rates and fees.

Throwing Parties for Friends

Babies and party houses do not go well together. So, if you and your partner used to party animals, now is definitely the time to stop. Parties are expensive, messy, and possibly dangerous and unsettling for a small child. Instead of throwing parties, ask your friends to hang out on free evenings with you just to chat and look after the baby together.

New parents must think of the future, which is filled with medical bills, college tuition fees, and similar child-related expenses. Cut back on your terrible spending habits and start saving for your baby in advance.

What did you cut back on when you had a baby?

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The Best and Worst Things about Travelling in a Budget Airline

Budget airlines have become popular in recent times thanks to an increase in demand for super cheap tickets. However, are they all that good? Let’s look at some of the best and worst aspects of flying on a budget airline:

Having More Money to Spend after You Land

Obviously, the best perk of traveling by budget airline is that you can save hundreds of dollars on a plane ticket. That means more money to spend on your trip after you land. If you are on a vacation, this is great. If you are on a business trip, your employer might even feel kind enough to give you a stipend to spend wherever you go. Clearly, no one needs to spend more than they need on the plane ticket. Budget airlines can definitely minimize how much you spend on your trip.

Paying Extra for Luggage

The cheap tickets are cool. However, budget airlines often charge extra for luggage. If you are traveling light with just a carry-on, you’ll be fine. Nonetheless, if you have two suitcases along with you, you will have to spend several hundred dollars to take them with you, depending on the weight. Budget airlines are great for business travelers who tend to travel light. Family vacationers might want to travel light to a destination, and then use a regular airline on the way back with souvenirs.

Cut Down on Vacation Expenses

If you are on vacation in a big country, you may have to take domestic flights to certain destinations. Domestic budget airlines are the best option in this regard. They are super cheap and fast. In some cases, taking a budget flight domestically can be less expensive than booking a car or a tourist bus. When you are planning a vacation with a busy itinerary, budget airlines can be a lifesaver. You don’t have to pay luggage fees if you can leave your bags at a hotel or storage near the airport.

Basic Aircrafts

Do not expect in-flight entertainment systems inside budget aircraft. In fact, you may be lucky to get any entertainment sans a pack of cards. Budget airplanes are very basic. The interiors are small and only have the necessities to ensure safe air travel. So, if you are planning a long trip on a budget flight, you may want to bring your own entertainment. This would be a portable video game player that doesn’t require Wi-Fi or a good book. Keep your expectations to a minimum facility wise when you get onboard a budget flight.

Friendly Staff

Though budget airlines are cheaper and have only basic facilities, the service on offer is never subpar. Almost all budget airlines offer excellent in-flight services. There will, of course, be annoyances that you experience with brand name airliners as well. Now, you may not get complimentary drinks. However, you can be assured that the flight attendants will take good care of you and your family throughout the travel time.

When it comes down to it, budget airlines are very cheap and affordable. So what if you have to forgo an in-flight movie for that?

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