Goodbye, friends!

What’s up PF people? Did you miss me? Of course you did, I’m adorable.

It’s been just over three months since I’ve written here, but I’ve been doing a ton of writing for work (which is going swimmingly, by the way). I know I told y’all that I’d be starting a personal blog, but that has taken a backseat for now because life has been a bit hectic. In the past three months: I’ve spent a month out of state (three weeks in SF for work and one week in Ohio for my brother’s graduation), I paid down a good chunk of credit card debt, I turned 25, I was diagnosed with a chronic illness, I got a puppy and moved to a new apartment (still in Portland, a block and a half from Chipotle). And while I miss blogging on a personal level, I want to wait until things calm down before I commit to it.

So why am I writing here today? Well, Red Debted Stepchild has been sold. Don’t worry, it’s going to be run by another awesome blogger who I know will rock the content, Cat of Budget Blonde! Cat is actually brunette, but owns sites with “blonde” and a variation of “redhead” in the name. Riddle me that!

Regardless of her apparent hair color identity crisis, Cat is totally the cat’s pajamas (see what I did there?). Please continue to support RDS through this transition by reading her stuff.

If you want to chat with me, please tweet me @Erin_Lindsay17 or email me any time at I’ll also be at FinCon, so keep an eye out for the 10′ tall redhead asking random people where the wine is or staring into space awkwardly.

Let the awesome come to you. Give me your email and I’ll give you all my new posts -- win, win!

I Got My Dream Job!

I’m going to keep this short and sweet, as I really need to watch the latest episode of The Mindy Project. According to my girl Erin, Schmidt’s on it. Like, New Girl’s Schmidt. He’s not playing Schmidt, but the actor Max Greenfield is on The Mindy Project and I’m pumped.

Late last summer, I announced on this blog that I was taking a year to freelance full-time. I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to make anything of it, but I had to take a shot. Now, just eight months later, I am re-entering the traditional workforce. Kinda.

While my new job is a full-time endeavor with salary and benefits and all that jazz (dream job requirement #1), it’s non-traditional in the sense that I still don’t have to wear pants to work. (I love Chipotle too much to have a stripper’s body, but thankfully that’s not the only pants-less profession.) People who work from home, like me (dream job requirement #2), are lucky enough to not have to wear any specific clothing items. This is made less hot by the fact that showering is also deemed unnecessary on a regular basis.

So thus far we’ve checked off two of my dream job must-haves — the stability of a full-time gig and the flexibility of working from home. Sounds great, right? Well, it gets better. Because it is…drumroll, please…


glen coco

I’m a full-time writer. Even if you think “freelancer” is code for “unemployed”, I’m still a writer in your eyes. It’s like, my official title. I’m a legit, honest-to-god writer for a large finance site. It’s been about a week since I accepted the job and I’m still smiling like a dork every time I think about it.

Now onto the other news. Because I’m writing full-time about finance, I’m transitioning away from RDS. I don’t want to give up writing in my free time, but I don’t want to write exclusively about money either. I do want to switch over to a lifestyle-type blog in the near future, but I’m going to take some time off from blogging for now. When I set up a lifestyle site, I’ll write another post here letting you know the URL.

Until then, I’m still available to chat via Twitter and email. I changed my handle to @Erin_Lindsay17, and I’m available at elissa.erin17[at]gmail[dot]com.

It’s been real, you guys. I can honestly say without this blog, I would never have gotten this amazing job. It’s funny, really, how something so small can impact your life in such a big way. I’ve loved chatting with you for the past 12 months (it’s actually RDS’ birthday today!) and I hope we can continue chatting on social media and eventually, my new blog. Thanks for reading.

Tell me something awesome that recently happened in your life! Let’s just celebrate everyone today!

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